Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Status - 6/14

- Mail-order is up-to-date. My apologies for the slight delay in shipping things last week.

- Redrot LP master is at the plant and we are now awaiting test pressings.

- After a quick burrito and a very solid The Fortieth Day practice last night, Isidro and I ran over to Pancho's to see A Storm of Light and Tombs, both of which bands were excellent.  I have been keeping ASoL in heavy rotation for the last couple of years and I have managed to miss them live until now.  It was great to see them play, and to see the well-chosen video projected over them.  Dark and brooding apocalyptic stuff, indeed.  Tombs were totally blistering... every bit deserving of all the praise that I read about them.  It was a great way to end the weekend or start the week, especially with so many friends out last night.

- Anatomy of Habit will be working on recent/new material tonight, looking ahead to our 7/16 show with Cages, along with parts of a brand new composition - if we can remember what we started...