Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Status - 7/20/11

- Mark Solotroff is DJing at Rodan tonight with Sanford Parker (scroll down for details)

- Last night's show at The Empty Bottle was intense.  I got there late due to AoH practice (sorry Lord Mantis and Mutilation Rites) but I walked in just as Batillus went on and their live sound totally lived up to what I have been enjoying about their still relatively new LP.  I was really pleased to make it in time to see them.  It has been years since I last saw Sourvein -- I am thinking Fireside Bowl when Liz Buckingham (Electric Wizard, ex-13) was still in the band -- and they simply kicked major ass last night.  Heavy, aggro, Southern-tinged sludge metal.  I have to say that it was great to see/hear them in such fine form in 2011.  Nachtmystium were up last and they added another layer of wallop to an already pummeling night of metal.  It might have seemed like a weird mix of bands but the three that I managed to see fit together pretty nicely.  And I know what Lord Mantis would have added to the flow

- I hope to make it to Permanent Records this evening to see The Swan King play an in-store at 6:00 PM, and back to the Empty Bottle tomorrow night to see The Soft Moon with local minimal-synth favorite Unur.  The Soft Moon's late-2010 full-length has been one of my most-played albums of the last six+ months