Friday, July 22, 2011

Status - 7/22/11

- Thanks to my friends who came out to Rodan on Wednesday night.  I had fun DJing with Sanford (FoTN, yes!). Thanks to Andy Slater for asking me.  Thanks to the Bloodiest bartenders for their hospitality.  Because I am evidently the "approachable" one, not Sanford, I got asked to play some Biggie. The girl who asked me seemed pretty bummed out when I told her that I would not be spinning that sort of thing. So I remedied that with a 19-minute long Otesanek track called "Dead in the Park" that chugs along at about 20-BPM. If that did not put her and her friends over the edge, the Bloody Panda track that followed certainly helped clear their booth out.

- Despite horrible traffic on Chicago Ave., I made it over to Permanent Records earlier that night to catch a good portion of The Swan King's in-store set there.  Best wishes to them on their tour!

- Last night's The Soft Moon show was excellent.  Their full-length has easily been my most-listened-to album of the last 6+ months and I really enjoyed their live performance.  It was great to see Patrick/Unur play again, too.

- I should be all caught up with mail-order by tomorrow evening.  It has been a really busy week and I appreciate the support from everyone who ordered from the BloodShop!

- Here is the official invite for Burning Fleshtival III: