Monday, September 05, 2011

Status - 9/5

- I am catching up with everything following an amazing trip to Mexico City.  Pending mail-order packages will go out tomorrow (today being a holiday in the USA).  More news soon, including a trip/show recap...

- Isidro and I had a very fruitful The Fortieth Day recording session yesterday, following an intense session at one of our favorite spots, Carnitas Uruapan.  [Sorry Xavier!]  We are discussing uploading select "raw" sessions to the still-in-progress Bandcamp page for The Fortieth Day, so that people can track our work more closely.  Also, we want to address inquiries that have been made about the box set version of "Constantinople: 746 AD" that is long overdue.  We have been reviewing the material and there has been discussion about an abridged LP version, as opposed to a box set of the same two CDs plus a shirt, etc.  We should have a final decision soon... Finally, The Fortieth Day + Noise Crush have been booked for a show at The Empty Bottle on Sunday November 13, with Lori Felker and Jon Cates & Jake Elliott, organized by Southbridge Slow Electronics.