Wednesday, October 12, 2011

CVLT NATION on Anatomy of Habit

From the CVLT NATION website... A nearly perfect review, aside from the songwriting credit:

What if there was an album that was perfect rainy day music, but it even sounded rad on sunny days? What if there was an album that had elements of blues, but wrapped it in slow moving gothic neo-folk? What if there was a band whose lyrics made you think of the world beyond what you could see in front of you, and made you see the universe in terms infinity? Chicago’s Anatomy of Habit has created a new self-titled album full of haunted treasures that will open your mind and at the same time will give you a feeling of isolation. The first track on the album, “Overcome” is a 17-minute clinic in emotional dirge that has the power to guide you in your nightmares. As songwriters, Anatomy of Habit are masters at building ancient audio cathedrals with loads of secret catacombs, so that your thoughts can wonder off and find a new reality. The lyrics and vocals on this song are both just fucking otherworldly, and I know you will be able to find a piece of your humanity in where this band is coming from. Musically, “Overcome” is like a play, with different dramatic scenes tied together by a sonic tension that pulls you in and never lets go. Anatomy of Habit knows how to allow the song to breathe, so you never get a sense that there is too much going on. Then there is the second track on the album, “Torch” – now this song is a 17-minute majestic ride in the clouds. I just can’t get over what an awesome lyricist Kenny Rasmussen (sic) is, what gets me about him is that he is totally in tune with the power repetition. While listening to Anatomy of Habit, you realize that these humans know each other very well and could probably create what they do with their eyes closed, because with every note that this band creates, you feel the trust that they have in one another. This is the kind of music that feeds your soul overtime, you hear it blasting through your speakers and at once you are hooked. Anatomy of Habit are the kind of band that words don’t do justice to, so make sure to find this record and allow them to change your world.