Saturday, August 20, 2011

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Status - 8/17

- All orders received by 8:00 AM today have been shipped

- All four Peter Sotos anthologies on Creation Books are back in stock in the BloodShop!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

American Aftermath on An Ache For The Distance

A great review of the new The Atlas Moth album (which, coincidentally, is playing as I type this) that favorably mentions "Courage," the track that I wrote/sang:

Review: THE ATLAS MOTH – “An Ache For The Distance”

By: Ross Gnarly
The Atlas Moth is a band that I highly respect. I haven’t gotten to deal with the band a whole hell of a lot, but I have talked to Stavros on a few occasions. He seems to be a pretty stellar dude, so when he told me that the new album would be fantastic; I knew he wasn’t playing around. This album is some serious shit. The opening track, “Coffin Varnish” was released a few weeks ago and ever since, I have been painstakingly waiting to hear the album as a whole. I received it and as soon as it started, I was blown away. Melodic, atmospheric stoner jams. Amazing musicianship all around; every track has an interesting element that equally work together to make the priceless anomaly. This band is truly a staple in stoner metal today and I am honored to listen to their work this time around. I have thought for quite some time that this band had some serious potential and now they have their chance to prove that they are unlike any other band.

The first thing I want to talk about is the amazing guitar work; always melodic, powerful and covered in distortion. The opening track “Coffin Varnish” contains a beautifully orchestrated main riff. Complex and masterful, what else could you ask for? This band obviously plays the stoner metal card and uses it to create odd ambience everywhere possible. Other tracks with exceedingly infectious riffing would be “Holes In The Desert” and the title track, “An Ache For The Distance.” Both tracks are extraordinarily layered and structured. Other tracks such as “Courage” have a different vibe all together. This track contain clean vocals, soft, ambient guitar work and a slow but steady tempo. This track is one that I would call haunting. Not because of the negative or misanthropic vibes because those are not at play (not to me anyway), but because of the atmosphere and overall nature of the song. It’s slow and simple but complex and empowering at the same time.
Of course, being a stoner band, there will also be elements of doom metal encompassed in their sound. This can be found in the track “Horse Thieves” and it has a much darker vibe than the aforementioned “Courage.” The vocals are shrill shrieks of terror and dismay. The guitar work is slow and smooth, as always covered in distortion. As always, the band expresses nothing but amazing musicianship and song structuring. The vocals on “Horse Thieves” are tortured and cryptic at the beginning before leaning more towards a black metal approach. Amazing.
Once more, The Atlas Moth has given me more than a few reasons to love an album. Everything this band has put out in the past has been spectacular and now with this album under their belts, it is obvious that they will not be calling it quits anytime soon. This is, in my opinion, The Moth’s best work yet. When this album drops, snatch it up. It must be heard by the masses. Unbelievable all around, this band can do no wrong.
Rating: 10/10

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Status - 8/16

- We had a pretty weird The Fortieth Day session last night, following a heavy but delicious dinner of guisado de puerco.  At points it sort of sounded like two other guys were playing.  It was either really quiet or blisteringly loud.  It was hard to make sense of what was happening, which may end being a good thing.  I will review the recording ASAP, but for now, I have the new Yob album on to go with my morning espressos.

- Redrot LPs continue to get packed and shipped at a nice clip.  I did a mail run yesterday and I will do another one today before Anatomy of Habit practice.

- Two weeks until my trip to Mexico City begins... More information here, for Spanish speakers: