Thursday, August 25, 2011

Anatomy of Habit LP - Official Sneak Peek

Here is a first look at what the AoH LP will look like... you are seeing a composite of the front inner-sleeve image as it appears through the die-cut jacket/outer-sleeve:

Drowned In Sound on Anatomy Of Habit

From the recently published Drowned In Sound scene report, Drowned In Chicago #4 - with thanks to Mike Gutierrez!

Notes From The Underground

Hot tunes in the summer time: if you made it out to see any of the live acts below, then you're a few steps ahead of the game. If not, catch up!

The five-piece post-doom Anatomy of Habit have an almost intimidating amount of rock n roll experience under their belt (check out their biography on Facebook) and they unleash all that pent up sonic tension with a certain malevolent charm. Dark, deranged, industrial, goth (minus the make-up). A recent bill had the band opening for the hyped-up Danish hardcore kids Iceage, but Anatomy of Habit have seen too much in their travels to be wowed by bubblegum buzz bands. Pro tip: best heard while wearing black.

Monday, August 22, 2011

SC3 + AoH - 9/17

Just confirmed: Anatomy of Habit will be opening up for Secret Chiefs 3 at The Empty Bottle on Saturday September 17. Details to follow...

Intrinsic Action "Manhattan Power Surge" on eBay

There is a copy of the rare Intrinsic Action "Manhattan Power Surge" 7-inch currently on eBay