Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tonight (9/17)

Poster for September 17, 2011 show

Bad news folks... the outer sleeves of the Anatomy of Habit LP are still stuck on a truck somewhere, so we will NOT have records for sale at the show tonight. We hope to channel our disappointment and stress into a strong performance...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Reader on 9/17

From the Chicago Reader

Secret Chiefs 3, Fat32, Anatomy of Habit 

When: Sat., Sept. 17, 10 p.m.
Price: $15
You'd need a hermetic magician's obsessive eye to keep track of everything that goes on in the sonic temple of Secret Chiefs 3, where guitarist and composer Trey Spruance (best known for his role in Mr. Bungle) creates a kaleidoscopic collage that encodes his futuristic vision of an ancient Middle Eastern music that never existed. No fewer than seven "satellite bands" (all of which play in distinctly different styles) operate under the aegis of SC3, sometimes called by their own names—Ishraqiyun, UR, Electromagnetic Azoth—and sometimes identified only as Secret Chiefs 3. The number of musicians who have come and gone within Spruance's orbit must run into the hundreds by now, and many share his fondness for pseudonyms; in fact, in a world where good band names are running out, Spruance is hogging more than his share. Albums from Secret Chiefs 3 seem like high-speed photographs of something that's moving constantly at an incomprehensible speed. Last year's Satellite Supersonic Vol. 1 (Web of Mimicry), the closest to a compilation the collective will probably ever get, includes material from vinyl singles released in 2007 by three satellite bands, remixed and in some cases re­arranged and rerecorded—the most lavish such treatments embed the songs in mesmerizing arabesques of lush instrumentation that's both playful and imbued with a mysterious sense of ritual purpose. —Monica Kendrick Fat32 and Anatomy of Habit open.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Brooklyn Vegan (Chicago) on 9/17 Anatomy of Habit show

With thanks to Zach Pollack!

Genre-spanning, instrumental group Secret Chiefs 3 are currently in the midst of a world tour which will hit Chicago's Empty Bottle this Saturday night (9/17). Trey Spruance (SM3/Mr. Bungle)'s Mimicry Records is home to their tour mates, French drum and synth duo Fat 32.
Chicago-based doom band Anatomy of Habit are first on the bill, and will also be celebrating the release for their debut self titled LP. Empty Bottle will be the first place the album is available for purchase, with distribution via Revolver USA and the band's webstore shortly after. CD and digital versions will be available soon. The LP Packagedesigned by Malsonus (artist Jonathan Canady). The project was recorded by Andrew Ragin of The Atlas Moth at Phase Recording Studios in Highland Park, IL, and was mastered and cut by Bob Weston (Shellac) at Chicago Mastering Service.
Speaking of the Atlas Moth, they have their own show coming up on October 16th at Ultra Lounge.
All SC3 dates and a poster for the Empty Bottle show, below...
09/13/2011 Le Poisson Rouge New York, NY
09/14/2011 Ottobar Baltimore MD
09/15/2011 The Grog Shop Cleveland, OH
09/16/2011 The Magic Bag Ferndale, MI
09/17/2011 Empty Bottle Chicago, IL
09/19/2011 Rock & Roll Hotel Washington, DC
09/20/2011 Local 506 Chapel Hill, NC
09/21/2011 Conundrum Music Hall West Columbia, SC
09/22/2011 The Earl Atlanta, GA
09/23/2011 Grey Eagle Asheville, NC
09/24/2011 Buster's Lexington, KY

Monday, September 12, 2011

Status - 8/12/11

- Mail-order is up-to-date as of this morning

- Anatomy of Habit vinyl is in-house. Packaging (inner and outer sleeves) is all due later this week.  More news on availability to follow... The band plays with Secret Chiefs 3 and Fat32 on Saturday (9/17) at The Empty Bottle

- Heavy-duty Kuma's session (well, all-day session, really) on Saturday with Slogun, Sickness, and Fatale. Seriously, the Slayer seems to have doubled in size. Chef Luke says it's the return to real French fries.  It was huge. A very fun day, indeed!

For modular synth freaks only!

Nice to see Sean pop up in this...