Saturday, May 26, 2012

Coming soon... Chris Connelly "Artificial Madness"

Now that the Sun Splitter and Anatomy of Habit LPs are in production, it seems like a good time to announce the next vinyl release scheduled on BloodLust!

B!172 Chris Connelly "Artificial Madness" LP

This is the LP version of the excellent album that Relapse released on CD, late last year.  The album features numerous friends of mine... Of course, Chris Connelly probably needs no introduction, but on a label-related note, he sang on the Plague Bringer "Burning Inside" CD single (B!155). Will Lindsay (bass) is a good friend who has sat in on bass with Anatomy of Habit, and I have played synth and done vocals live with his band, Indian. Will is also known for his work with Nachtmystium, Wolves in the Throne Room and Middian. Dallas Thomas (guitar) is known for his band The Swan King and he is also playing live with Pelican these days. His amazing guitar style and tone is unmistakable! Noah Leger (drums) has recently been helping out on drums with Anatomy of Habit and he is known from a number of groups, including Electric Hawk, Head of Skulls, Tight Phantomz, Milemarker, etc. Sanford Parker (keyboards, production, etc.) recently recorded the new BLOODYMINDED album, "Within The Walls," and he recorded and played synth alongside me on the forthcoming Wrekmeister Harmonies album "You've Always Meant So Much To Me." I am really excited to be releasing Chris' album on BloodLust!

- Mark Solotroff