Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tiny Mix Tapes on Sun Splitter "III"

Tiny Mix Tapes posted a really nice write-up of the new Sun Splitter "III" LP and they are streaming the album on their site. I am not seeing a specific connection to Liturgy but otherwise the blurb makes sense to me:


Sun Splitter
III [album stream]
By ZCAMP on Jul 24 2012

Listening to Sun Splitter is an experience akin to blasting your mind open with napalm and then bellyflopping into the fiery abyss below. This Chicago outfit has been together since 2008, and it’s a damn shame they haven’t gotten the recognition they deserve: their sound is an irresistible mix of industrial, sludge, and black metal, with some psychedelic elements here and there. With III, their latest LP, Sun Splitter continues to push the boundaries of these often static genres with some truly cinematic dynamics. The pummeling downpour of “Eye of Jupiter” dissolves into the creepy ambience of “Parasitic Machine,” before doubling back for another assault on your eardrums. There are plenty of catchy hooks buried in this record as well, making III a great starting point for anyone who wants to explore heavier metal. If you’re a fan of Liturgy or Pallbearer, you’ll dig this.