Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Nothing Sounds Better on Sun Splitter

Nothing Sounds Better also just posted a review of the Sun Splitter "III" LP and they are also streaming the record:

III - Sun Splitter

The blissfully bleak Sun Splitter return with III, another slab of few tracks and many minutes populated by slow-burning sludge, an unending atmosphere of drea- is that an intro full of some sort of light in “Two Cold Oceans”; climactic, yet still with upward-looking eyes? Indeed, Sun Splitter continue to evolve their already expansive sound here, though the normal tags of “industrial” and “sludge” and “metal” apply. The progression is jaw-droppingly beautiful on multiple occasions, the flow throughout seamless, the ability to create something truly, as Tiny Mix Tapes said, cinematicIII is Sun Splitter once again showing off how they can obliterate your mind and slowly build it back up into something more glorious than before, with us catatonically marvelling at every moment of the experience. [link]

- Tyler Hanan