Wednesday, August 22, 2012

QRO on Anatomy of Habit EP

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Anatomy of Habit - "After the Water"

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Anatomy of Habit : After the Water Chicago's Anatomy of Habit is known for an uncompromising approach to their sound, their album design, their performance.  The doom/metal/industrial/etc. crowd is a pretty intense scene to begin with, but Anatomy of Habit makes good use of the gravitas to hyper-infuse every modality of their music with good artistic judgment.  The production of their latest EP was handled by John McEntire (Tortoise) and Bob Weston (Shellac).  The design of the physical album itself, a 12" record with a die-cut sleeve, is a thing of beauty.  And the songs themselves - all two of them on the new EP - are miniature epics unto themselves, unfolding in long, gorgeous strides that beg for the close listen.  The length of the songs likely scare off the average mp3 buzz blog, but those who know Anatomy of Habit know they've stumbled onto something immense and worthwhile.