Sunday, March 17, 2013

Crucial Blast on Intrinsic Action "Sado-Electronics" CD


INTRINSIC ACTION   Sado-Electronics   CD   (Bloodlust!)

A classic slab of American power electronics that is finally available again, the debut Intrinsic Action album Sado-Electronics was originally released on Tesco Organisation back in 1992 and later reissued with new artwork on Bloodlust!, the label run by IA's own Mark Solotroff (also of Bloodyminded and Anatomy Of Habit). Although the band had been in action since 1984, they only released a handful of cassette releases prior to this Cd, and leather clad and frothing at the mouth they set upon this collection of brute force sadistic-sexual nightmares, lust-murder fantasies and terminally morbid visions gushing from the skull of bandleader Solotroff on tracks like "In A Glass Cage", "Metamorph" and "Shock Pit", set to a pulsating backdrop of primitive electronic noise and throbbing black synthesizer. The eleven tracks that make up the Sado-Electronics portion of the disc center around stripped down arrangements of delayed vocals rippling across heavy carcinogenic electronic throb, agonizing feedback abuse and crackling pestilential static, and often settling into an evil hypnotic lock groove pulse that took the Whitehouse influence into an obsessive new direction and combined it with a sinister minimal synth sound that had echoes of Suicide (just check out the opener "Male Payment"). The other half of the disc comprises the Surgical Stainless Steel: First Operation Incision Durations, a series of ten untitled short extreme electronics/death-synth pieces that range from crushing PE attacks to ghastly Atrax Morgue-esque drones.

I've been dyin' to get my hands on this disc for awhile and am seriously stoked that it turned up again in the Bloodlust! catalog; it's definitely one of that labels must-hear releases if you're into the early U.S. PE underground. Re-mastered for this new edition, with updated artwork and photos that differ from the old Tesco version.