Sunday, March 17, 2013

Crucial Blast on Whorebutcher 7-Inch


WHOREBUTCHER   Fanatic   7" VINYL   (Bloodlust!)

There have only been a handful of releases from this American power electronics project over the past decade, but every one that I've picked up has been incredibly violent and vicious sounding, and I'd rate Whorebutcher's output as some of the harshest to come out of the American PE scene. His works have tended to be hard for me to come by though, with this limited 7" from the Bloodlust! label being the first of his titles that I've even been able to get for the shop. Released several years ago as part of Bloodlust!'s minimally packaged "private" series of white sleeve 7"s, Fanatic is a two-track eruption of extreme power electronics that flaunts some of the most agonal feedback manipulation this side of early Prurient. Opening with a roar of fast-moving distorted chaos, the first track "Fanatic" is a relentless shrieking nightmare of painful feedback abuse, brutal blasts of percussive distortion-pulses and murderous whispered vocals blasted through insane levels of distortion. What you can make out through that squealing, shrieking chaos paints a hideous picture of sexual sadism and obsessive violence, visions of violent debauchery set against layers of crushing electronics.

The b-side "Obsession " is more subdued, following the vicious noise of the first track with what begins as an atmospheric electronic soundscape fluttering with distant klaxon pulses and crashing waves of blackened static, a steady ceaseless feedback hum running like a thick black vein through the lightless factory ambience of the track, only veering from this dark pulsating driftscape in its final seconds as it explodes into a brief gale of shrieking noise that brings this around full circle to the waves of vicious electronic hate. 

Comes in a plain white sleeve with a xeroxed insert, issued in a limited edition of three hundred copies on white vinyl.