Saturday, April 27, 2013

Aquarius Records on Anatomy of Habit CD

Thanks to Aquarius for the positive write-up!

Anatomy Of Habit is the noise-rock ensemble revolving around the twisted mind of Mark Solotroff, Chicago's long standing power electronics king known for his numerous projects over the years including Bloodyminded and Intrinsic Action. Accompanying Solotroff is another noise icon, Blake Edwards (aka Vertonen), yet even with these two ear-shattering technicians on board, Anatomy Of Habit's impressive dynamics come from the far more traditional axis of drums, bass, guitar, and vocals, as played by Dylan Posa (Cheer Accident, Brise-Glace), Greg Ratajczak (Winters In Osaka), and Kenny Rasmussen, amounting to a steamroller of huge Swans / Neurosis riffs and chugging out lots of bad vibes. Over the past 12 months or so, they self-released a couple of LPs with lengthy tracks gracing each side of vinyl. Both of those 12"s collected here. The first eponymous LP (which was graced with a black sleeve) featured two sprawling numbers - "Torch" and "Overcome" - that both hypnotically build out of interlocking guitar and bass that steadily builds towards a distorted, crushing climax with dexterous turns toward powerdrone sludge. Solotroff, with his years of barking like William Bennett, has turned into quite a deft vocalist with his baritone in perpetual motion amidst the roiling noise-rock, coming across more like a cross between Jaz Coleman and Michael Gira. From the second lp (also self-titled but featured a white cover), "The Decade Plan" begins with a bright ellipsis of guitars that wouldn't be out of place on a slowcore jam from Codeine or Slint before the band launches into a super heavy riff, girded by metal-bashing percussion only to settle into a assaulting groove to further along Solotroff's tales of sex, violence, and their psychological implications. The brutal brooding continues on "After The Water" amplifying their smashed sound even further through the tranced-out, sludge riffs and subharmonic roar. Think Pelican, Isis, Bodychoke, and of course, Swans. Still fucking massive!