Sunday, July 07, 2013

Crucial Blast on BLOODYMINDED "PHASES : THREE" 3x7" box set

An odd art-object from the Chicago power electronics outfit Bloodyminded, Phases Three is a sturdy black box that holds three extremely short 7" records which contain live recordings and processed recordings from the band that were culled from a 2006 basement performance in Saint Louis, Missouri, accompanied by a double sided insert sheet that contains liner notes, and a hand-numbered card. According to the band, this was assembled to capture the shock-assault experience of witnessing Bloodyminded live, which I can certainly buy; the live tracks are as punishing as harsh electronics get, frequently hitting extreme frequencies that drill right through my nerve centers. The audio presentatiopn borders on the spartan, though; each of the three 7"s (which are nicely housed in silk-screened inner sleeves and are pressed on white vinyl) only has about two minutes of music on each side, on average, with the whole set clocking in at just shy of twelve minutes. So, ok, I wouldn't recommend this box set to someone who might just be beginning to investigate Bloodyminded's brand of brute electronics (for you folks, I'd recommend their stunningly violent 2006 album Magnetism) but for hardcore fans, this is pretty cool. The first a-side and the final b-side of the set each feature tracks that were created using live recordings as source material; "Phases : Three (Part One)" opens it up with a savage short outpouring of brutally strangled feedback, maniacal howls, and deep bass belch and squealing feedback vomit, and "Phases : Three (Part Two)" ends with unintelligible screams and ranting in a morass of murky feedback attacks that finally erupts into a squall of malfunctioning amplifier overload and bass ejaculate. In between 'em, you get the live tracks, which includes "Girlfriend Attempts To Explain Schizophrenic Episode By Revealing Childhood Sexual Abuse", a queasy orgy of crazed screaming and roiling high-pitched feedback, total caveman electro-blunt violence; the brain-drilling feedback assaults of "Shotgun Held To Face By Severely Crosseyed Addict While Attempting To Physically Remove Girlfriend From Known Drug House" and "Visiting An Ex-Girlfriend In The Hospital - Psychiatric Ward - 24-Hour Observation - Suicide Watch"; and the pall of doom that sets in among the air raid sirens, gasping horror and vicious fluctuating feedback waves on "Visiting An Ex-Girlfriend In The Hospital - Aids Ward".
Man, nobody can title a song like Bloodyminded.
Released in an edition of three hundred copies, this collection is raw synthesizer agony and destructive power electronics of the harshest order, certainly not for timid ears © CRUCIAL BLAST