Sunday, July 07, 2013

Crucial Blast on The Fortieth Day "IV" CD

The Fortieth Day "IV" CD
More post-apocalyptic industrial crush from the duo of Isidro Reyes and Mark Solotroff, both members of the confrontational Chicago power-electronics group Bloodyminded. As The Fortieth Day, the two musicians engage in a much heavier, more droneological machinedeath assault using synthesizer, drum machine, bass and guitar to sculpt massive rhythmic noisescapes, and over the past decade they've been cranking out some supremely crushing mechablast on short run cassettes on Solotroff's Bloodlust! label. This material has gradually been getting reissued on disc, including the 2007 release IV that features two half-hour long tracks of apocalyptic industrial drone. The first of these slowly enters amid crackling electricity and looped drones, leading to abstract guitar figures looping around grinding machine noise and wheezing engine-roar that builds into an ominous, heavy black throb. More of these dissonant guitar loops are introduced as clanking drum machines circle around heavily distorted synth drones and sputtering low-end feedback, and at times this gets so blown-out that it feels like the speakers are about to shred apart. The machinecrush is constantly evolving as the duo cranks up the distortion, turning these layered loops and rumbling engine drones into massive walls of rhythmic factory throb that almost resembles an incredibly distorted dronerock band off of the old HeadDirt label buried under a mountain of tape hiss and growling electronic noise, backed by tinny, skittering drum machine rhythms. The other track is a lot less propulsive, though. By this point, the duo are burning everything down with controlled feedback, fractured melodies, waves of machine grind, layered drones and effects pedal abuse that results in a hallucinatory machine-noise soundscape, with none of that percussive pounding showing up until almost ten minutes in, the deformed clatter of the drum machine crawling beneath creepy distorted keyboard melodies and sheets of shrill feedback.
I've really been digging all of these Fortieth Day reissues, each one a punishing chunk of hypnotic industrial dread. © CRUCIAL BLAST