Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sleep Museum "Forschung" Box Set underway...


The long-delayed Sleep Museum "Forschung" 5xCD box set is slowly grinding into production.

This will be a BloodShop! webstore exclusive!

"Forschung" is the darkest and most experimental Sleep Museum material to date. On the five CDs in this box set, Sleep Museum launches itself into the abyss, exploring questions of identity/non-identity, death, suicide, pain and despair, through a series of tracks that use intense analog synthesized music, dark ambience, noise, and vocals, to summon the chasm inside.

Pre-orders are coming soon with T-Shirt size selection function. Please watch this site and/or the following link for an upcoming pre-order announcement:
Set includes:
B!163 Sleep Museum "Forschung 1" CD
B!164 Sleep Museum "Forschung 2" CD
B!165 Sleep Museum "Forschung 3" CD
B!166 Sleep Museum "Forschung 4" CD
B!167 Sleep Museum "Parra" CD (exclusive to the box set -- not sold separately)

Sleep Museum "Forschung" T-Shirt
Sleep Museum "Forschung" Sticker
Sleep Museum "Forschung" 1-Inch Button

...and more

Edition of 100
Released in Spring 2013.
Details to follow...