Tuesday, November 11, 2014

About.com on Anatomy of Habit

Anatomy Of Habit - 'Ciphers + Axioms' - Relapse Records
Anatomy Of Habit - 'Ciphers + Axioms' (Relapse)
Genre: Post Metal

It's difficult to categorize or label the sound of Chicago's Anatomy Of Habit and their second full-length Ciphers + Axioms. They incorporate a lot of different elements and genres.

Doom metal is a noticeable influence, with heavy riffs and slow tempos. There are also hints of '80s alternative in the vein of Joy Division along with '90s shoegaze, noise rock and post metal. The album only has two tracks, each one clocking in at around 20 minutes, but the band's constant shifts and sonic evolution holds interest throughout.

Rating: 3.5

(Chad Bowar)