Tuesday, November 11, 2014

FREEwilliamsburg on Anatomy of Habit

Sonically, all of this segues nicely into Anatomy of Habit’s winningly weird Relapse debut, Ciphers + Axioms, which, like the rest of the band’s catalog, combines elements of noise, post-rock, and doom into a thoroughly bizarre, but entirely intoxicating listen. Like Old Man Gloom, Anatomy Of Habit (another “supergroup”, fronted by Bloodyminded’s Mark Solotroff and featuring the crushing guitar work of Indian’s Will Lindsay) specialize in the sound of things coming apart. Over the course of its two twenty-plus-minute compositions, Ciphers + Axioms does its best to replicate the sound of rivets popping, seams stretching, the screech of the voices in our collective head, and in most instance succeeds with a placid-putrid noise structure that builds tension in every moment. The comparisons to Swans are pretty obvious and will thus be tossed around enough to convince you that’s what this record actually sounds like. Take the bait, listen to the record, but know going in: This one sounds like nothing and everything all at once.