Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Earl Times Blog on Anatomy of Habit

Anatomy of Habit
Ciphers + Axioms

Defined as a -masterpiece of post-metal- this monolithic 2 tracks album called Ciphers + Axioms, from Anatomy of Habit has finally been unleashed by Relapse Records yesterday. Who follows the independent industrial / metal music scene knows that there were huge expectations on the shoulders of this record.

The extraordinary essence of the Chicago ensemble, since the very beginning has always been characterized by its spontaneous experimental nature.

However, the first impression that comes to mind spinning these tracks is that the band's nature itself has changed. Probably an unavoidable consequence of the choice to release Ciphers + Axioms through Relapse Records, which is definitely a "metal oriented" label, or, it's just the new path that the members of Anatomy of Habit are following.

The compositions are more linear and the sound has a stronger doom-metal connotation than before. The absence of Bob Weston behind the scenes is definitely evident. The creative approach is less recitative or cinematic and the sudden spikes of tension peculiar of the previous works have left the room to a more progressive and slow mood. You will be surprised by a songwriting that recalls something wedged between the first things produced by Paradise Lost or Anathema, the Depeche Mode and a certain attitude to drone sounds a la Sunn O))) [see Then Window].

The vocals of Mark Solotroff are impressive, touching the perfection as usual and will guide the listener through many different atmospheres painted masterfully with the darkest colors that a human mind can perceive.

TLDR: Ciphers + Axioms is a fantastic album but, if you are expecting the experimental dynamism of his predecessors you will be a little disappointed.