Saturday, January 17, 2015

BloodLust! January 2015 Update

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Chicago Reader on Anatomy of Habit

Anatomy of Habit
Anatomy of Habit

Anatomy of Habit, the Paver, Burned or Buried 

When: Fri., Jan. 23, 9 p.m. Price: $10 
Superheavy posteverything locals Anatomy of Habit have seen some heavy hitters pass through their ranks over the past few years: ex-members include Plague Bringer guitarist Greg Ratajczak, Disappears and Electric Hawk drummer Noah Leger, and former Cheer-Accident bassist Dylan Posa. But on this fall’s Ciphers + Axioms, their debut for Relapse Records, they prove that their current lineup is their strongest and scariest yet. Menacing and morose Bloodyminded vocalist Mark Solotroff continues to helm this devastating quintet, now with bassist Kenny Rasmussen (No Funeral), guitarist Will Lindsay (Indian, Wolves in the Throne Room), drummer John McEntire (Tortoise), and scrap-metal percussionist Theo Katsaounis (Joan of Arc). The two doomy, glacially paced tracks on Ciphers + Axioms grow across their 20 minutes or so from creeping, deliberate, hushed tones and calmly enunciated vocals into massive, explosive episodes—at the climax of the A side, “Radiate and Recede,” the band lays into a bombastic, sludgy freak-out while Solotroff plants himself firmly out front to let loose a bloodcurdling scream. Nightmarish and powerful, Ciphers + Axioms will be hard for anyone to top in 2015. This is a release party. —Luca Cimarusti

Empty Bottle  1035 N. Western Ave.   773-276-3600