Wednesday, August 31, 2016

New Anatomy of Habit Threadless Artist Shop

Anatomy of Habit just launched a new Threadless Artist Shop with men's and women's t-shirts and hoodies in a variety of colors. We hope you'll check it out. Let us know if there are color combinations you'd specifically like to see...

Intrinsic Action - Live Archive 44

Intrinsic Action - Show 44 - June 28, 1993 - Mercury Theatre - Knoxville, TN

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Intrinsic Action - Live Archive 34

Intrinsic Action - Show 34 - September 24, 1992 - ABC No Rio - NY, NY - Punk's not dead. This was a weird fit. It was nice to have played there, though, especially now. Christine Hell had a huge albino python... I think she was a snake charmer and fire eater in the Coney Island Freak Show.

Intrinsic Action - Live Archive 33

Intrinsic Action - Show 33 - September 13, 1992 - The Levee - Charleston, WV - No flyer - I don't think Final Solution ended up playing. It was at the end of an all-weekend festival in Charleston and it wasn't a great opportunity. Wow, Rusted Root... they got big for a while. Hasil Adkins was a cult act. I slept in a hammock on the organizer's back porch.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

BloodLust! August 2016 Update

The BloodLust! August 2016 Update has been sent to the mailing list and can be viewed here:

Intrinsic Action - Live Archive 27

Intrinsic Action - Show 27 - June 15, 1992 - Pool Bar - NY, NY (First show after moving to New York)