Saturday, January 30, 2016

BloodLust! February 2016 Update

The BloodLust! February 2016 Update has been sent to the mailing list. You may access it here:

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Mark Solotroff Solo Synth Performance

Mark Solotroff may be better known as the vocalist of Anatomy of Habit (Relapse Records) and BLOODYMINDED (BloodLust!), but he has a long history playing analog synthesizer. His synth work has been at the core of his bands BLOODYMINDED and Intrinsic Action, he has recorded and released 100 hours of dark analog synth music under the name Super Eight Loop and he has been part of the synth trio Nightmares. Solotroff has also contributed synth to several other bands, live and/or in the studio, ranging from a recurring role in Wrekmeister Harmonies (Thrill Jockey) to guest appearances with Brutal Truth, Consumer Electronics, Indian and Locrian. Prior to 2016, Solotroff only ever played a single solo synth set.