Saturday, January 21, 2006

Released Monday 23 January 2006:

The fifth release in a new series of private 7-inch singles from BloodLust!

"Feral Towers"


"Serpentine Interiors"

33 RPM
Pressed in an edition of 300 copies
White vinyl
White labels with minimal black text
Poly-lined inner sleeve
Unmarked white cardboard sleeve (sealed on three sides)
Black and white insert

"Feral Towers" is the first vinyl release by Envenomist, the new project from David Reed, previously known for his work under the names Luasa Raelon and Brittle Foundries. Unlike the densely woven dark soundscapes of Luasa Raelon, for his work as Envenomist, Reed creates sparse, cold, minimal synth pieces, reminiscent of early industrial electronic artists such as Maurizio Bianchi, Lustmord, and certain moments of Schloss Tegal. The two tracks that make up this single offer a perfect soundtrack to an icy, desolate winter.

Orders are now being accepted
$6.50 USA/$9.00 World @ postpaid
All records will be sent in strong 7-inch mailers

Wholesale rates are available - Please inquire
- Minimum of five copies to qualify

Please note that due to the January 2006 price increases at the United States Postal Service, and due to the September 2005 price increase at our pressing plant (which we thus far had not passed onto our customers) we have raised the price of the "private" series 7-inch singles by $0.50 for USA orders and $1.00 for World/Air Mail orders. The updated prices are: $6.50 USA and $9.00 World @ postpaid. We do apologize for this increase, but the margin on these records was very low to begin with, and with a rise in both manufacturing and shipping, this increase was unavoidable. We will honor the older prices for customers who pre-ordered records prior to this notice, thus they will not be charged the new amount for their orders this month. Thank you for your understanding.


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I am performing at the r4WB1t5 micro.Fest this Saturday at Enemy:


// the 3rd (A) r4WB1t5 micro.Fest happens this SAT
// 2006.01.21 @ ENEMY in CHI IL .US ++ on the interweb!
// join us if you can + as always remember, the r4WB1t5 project
// is an open + decentralized format for you to instantiate!
// contact us @ r4wb1t5 AT gmail DOT com
// to conspire, collaborate [+/or] coordinate!
// jonCates, jon.satrom + Jason Soliday
// 2006.01.21 (A) r4WB1t5 micro.Fest organizers
(A) r4WB1t5 micro.Fest
1550 N. Milwaukee Ave 3rd FL CHI IL .US 60622
DOORS @ 8:00 PM
on JAN 21 aka 2006.01.21 Chicago's new ENEMY gallery will host (A) r4WB1t5 micro.Fest. this instance of (A) r4WB1t5 micro.Fest focuses on shared playlists, reiterations, projects approaching randomness, video streams, searches, databases + complex overlapping digital, analog + humanistic systems.
the following 4 collaborative groups will perform a shared playlist of 7 short realtime audio video pieces reconceived as covers from a mutually determined shared playlist:
Mark Solotroff ++ Mike Nourse
Insect Deli ++ Madame Chao
Wetcat ++ Taeyoon Kim
fAULTY mAJICK (The Faultless ++ Majick Missle)
this shared playlist will be performed in a round. all artists [+/or] collaborative groups will play the complete set as this searchable database repeats + reiterates in each unique variation created in this realtime human feedback system. this shared playlist includes covers of the following 7 songs in the following order:
00. "Night Shift" - Siouxsie and the Banshees
01. "Chopsticks" - Traditional
02. "I Am The Sun" - Swans
03. "Janitor" - Suburban Lawns
04. "White Rabbit" - Jefferson Airplane
05. "A Human Certainty" - Saccharine Trust
06. "WAT" - Laibach
intentional + coincidental connections, overlaps + exchanges will flow through out the space during this event.
Random Screen by Aram Bartholl:
Aram Bartholl's Random Screen installation travels from the .DE to the .US for this 2006.01.21 r4WB1t5 micro.Fest, appearing for the first time in the .US! this physical installation piece is a nonelectric "mechanical thermo dynamic display" built fro modified components + arranged in an ever expanding modular arrangement of pixel units powered by tee candle lights. Random Screen approaches randomness while literalizing physical computing + playing w/the rhetorics of New Media art discourse.
/ * VIDEO STREAMS */ by jonathan coulton:
Brett Levin:
Alok Saldanha:
the 2006.01.21 r4WB1t5 @ ENEMY will also feature screen based video works of artists who visualize online databases such as Flickr ++ The Infinite Cat Project. jonathan coulton's pulls previously disconnected images from Flickr only to reimagine them as an unbroken narrative stream. Brett Levin + Alok Saldanha have both created their own journeys through the ever expanding universe that is The Infinite Cat Project. these 3 video streams visualize online databases not as reductionist graphical abstractions that aim for purity but rather as expansive remixes + hallucinatory reconstructions.
the web based new media aspect of this (A) r4WB1t5 micro.Fest features projects organized around the theme "SUBJECT TO SEARCH". SUBJECT TO SEARCH includes:
Waiting by Horit Herman Peled:
Google Talk by Douwe Osinga:
foofoofoo by alku:
popautomate by Jean-Baptiste Bayle + Beatrice Rettig:
Flexicon by robb drinkwater:
+ thistext by jake elliott:
all of these web based new media projects approach searching, databasing + outputting results from searches + databases as artistic methods, readymades + raw materials. these projects variously approach the SUBJECT TO SEARCH from politicized, systematic, secretive + widely accessible positions.
additionally, various freeware + artware project exchanges will be facilitated in the physical space of ENEMY @ this r4WB1t5 micro.Fest.
/* ABOUT */
this (A) r4WB1t5 micro.Fest is organized by jonCates, jon.satrom + Jason Soliday. Jason Soliday (director of ENEMY gallery) joins jon.satrom + jonCates (previous r4WB1t5 organizers) in developing this most recent instantiation of the open + copyable (A) r4WB1t5 micro.Fest format.
(A) r4WB1t5 micro.Fest is a new platform or framework for (A)narchistic forms of decentralized mini or micro festivals to self-organize around themes + theorypractices of raw bits of digital art + dirty new media. (A) r4WB1t5 micro.Fest is itself a decentralized + open platform for playing realtime systems + exchanging New Media projects in conversational contexts. (A) r4WB1t5 micro.Fest extends out of + feeds back into DaDaist, Situationist, Fluxist, punk, digital art + New Media theorypractices, hystories, posibilities + positionalities. (A) r4WB1t5 micro.Fest is an [open project/conceptual {platformframework}] available to anyOne interested in self-organized DIY digital arts + dirty new media.


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Blake Edwards was kind enough to write, and forward, this review of Saturday's event:

1.14.06 @ enemy (Oscillating Innards, Bloodyminded, Climax Denial, Wilt, Is, Death Factory)

Props to everyone for getting so may bands to run so smoothly; at most there was 6 minutes Dj-ing between bands.

Death Factory started off with perhaps his strongest set I've seen—despite sampling heavily from The Prisoner in the beginning, the first ten minutes, a field day of distorted gurgling seizures and ice skating sparrows with barbed-wire wrapped wings really filled the space nicely. Things took a slight turn for the less interesting when the drum and guitar started up; pseudo-laibach-y chomp chomp chomp; had he kept at it with the snowstorm of TV static phasing about it would've been utterly solid.

Is knocked about a turntable, a metal pole, and a small coterie of pedals and in his efforts probably brought down one or two satellites. I'm sure the gals liked his tank top action in the middle of winter, but that and the strobe light were no distraction for those of us desiring to have our ears repositioned strategically in our lower intestinal tract. Regardless of his dashing moves, the boy needs a haircut. Herr Is performed solo (last time I saw him it was a duo) and this evening was a total abrasion fest punctuated by sine waves choking on the ashes of a porch fire. Thumbs up.

Wilt was up next and for the bulk of their set it was a low gurbbly drone with additional fuzz from the guiterror player. Intermittent explosions punctuated the sonorous auto wash of sound, and at one point some angry words were belted out although I can't say i understood exactly what was being screamed. The boys weren't exactly dynamic aurally, but they hit some good strides.

Climax Denial: in past times, I have not been moved by Climax Denial performances. This was a different kettle of fish—a lot looser and a lot less of the staples of "power electronics" were present—his introduction with a bird call signaled that easily enough. There were very few vocals but a lot of thrashing and crawling about as he struggled to be the hillside strangler of gear for the evening. His refined look (mountain man of today vs gangreen groupie of yore) also added a less "serious" and more entertaining feel to his set. Instead of raging against the injustices of a failed social life he decided to take whatever he wanted to take out on his gear, and it was a lovely earwash.

Bloodyminded: I've seen these boys way more than 10 fingers worth, and this was probably one of their better performances. Not only was the sound solid but the audience interplay also contributed—the kids like it, it feeds mark and co., and everyone has more that pleasant times as the high frequencies scan the ears like so many barcodes and the low end wraps around the ankles and yanks you down. Best comment probably came from climax denial when, after playing "in the mood," he requested they play it again: "But I'm still in the mood!"

Oscillating innards brought the car fender and floor full of pedals and the magic box of springs and e-bows and started off with groans like jigsaw carving an ice turkey; he was steering ears around the space and eventually collapsed push up style to scream into the magic box which resonated nicely among the springs and metals. Eventually the car backed over his leg and he set out some seriously disjointed airliner crashes, suitcases full of the finest china throws down a steel spiral staircase and landing in a bath of acid. A nicely delicious performance.

I will note two small additional items; I was theoretically "DJ-ing" between sets, but as my turntable connection had fallen through I was bouncing between two CD players, which is hardly as exciting. The high point, aside from Mark S. utterly despising my choice of playing the japanese version of "Jesus Christ Superstar" and Falco's "Der Kommisar" (vindication only came via Warsaw and the Exploited) was a group of like 7 guys actually singing/screaming along to Shellac's "Prayer to God."


Monday, January 16, 2006

The test pressings for the Envenomist 7-inch have been approved, so the single should be ready quite soon. The sixth single in the series will be sent to the pressing plant this week. Details will be announced in the February update...

Mark Solotroff
13 January 2006
Pure Hype
WHPK 88.3 FM
University of Chicago
Oscillating Innards


14 January 2006
Oscillating Innards
Climax Denial
Death Factory

+ DJ War Bride

06. “HEAD”
07. “PRO-ANA”
08. “PRO-MIA”
12. “TROPHY”

Rob “Misfits Robby” Kerr - Synth
Ed Knigge - Synth + Vocals
Chris Mack - Synth
Mark Solotroff - Vocals + Synth

Here is a quick wrap-up of the weekend... Thanks to Gordon Ashworth/Oscillating Innards, for two really intense performances in Chicago. Thanks to Blake Edwards/Vertonen/DJ War Bride, for all of his assistance with getting things set up, for the great radio set, and for the atrocious DJ work! Thanks to Ben at WHPK, for his great engineering assistance. Thanks to Jason Soliday, for kindly hosting another great show at Enemy. Thanks to Marlene, for videotaping. Thanks to all of our friends, for the continued support. Thanks to all of the other band/artists for participating in Saturday's show.

The radio show was short and sweet. OxIx and Vertonen played great sets that sounded really strong going out over the air. The no-audience thing was a bit strange for me, as it has been years since I have played at a radio station, but it probably affects my solo stuff drastically less than it would if the band played... which we probably would not. The lack of massive amps was probably the biggest drawback, but there was still a ton of feedback.

Saturday's show was well attended, if "under-donated," and the line-up provided decent diversity to the types of styles and sounds that were seen and heard. I am happy to be a part of more mixed-up shows, and I hope that with the upcoming autosuggestion series, we can add even greater variety to the experience. All of the performers were cool about playing short-enough sets that we managed to get all six acts done in three hours. BLOODYMINDED wrapped our set up in just under 21 minutes, FYI...

The night also offered an opportunity to meet a lot of people and to catch up with some folks that I have been out of touch with for a while. Overall, the crowd was really involved and the energy was pretty high. I have a stack of CDs and cassettes to get through, and I hope to quickly get back in touch with people regarding music that they handed me...