Friday, September 21, 2007

Cassette Gods Review of BLOODYMINDED "Phases: One"

I just read this nice review in the fourth issue of the online zine, "Cassette Gods":

BLOODYMINDED "Phases: One" (Bloodlust!)

This one popped up at the "Leaderless" exhibition at Printed Matter in New York this past summer and despite the gallery's markup price it had to find a place on my shelf. "Phases: One" was recorded by Mark Solotroff for Bloodyminded's July 2006 tour using the "Source Control" methodology carried over from his previous group Intrinsic Action. Bloodyminded's "Magnetism" CD is used as source material. Past Intrinsic Action releases in this vein had been described as influenced by the soundscape work of Throbbing Gristle as well as SPK, Hunting Lodge, Maurizio Bianchi and Lustmord. "Phases" demonstrates the most abstract side to this: a double sided slab (62 minutes!) sans vocals of rumbling bass and distortion intermittently sliced by hissing feedback. It's a noticeably clean production, a fact highlighted in the textures created by contrasting elements. For those who enjoy long, meditative strolls through chaos.

Mammal 7-inch Update

The Mammal vinyl has arrived. I am just waiting for the sleeves, etc., to get here. The October 1st release is still on track.

Intrinsic Action Picture Disc

There is a copy of the unauthorized Intrinsic Action "Groupies" picture disc, released by Tesco in 1996 (?), currently on eBay: - For any completists out there. The version of "Groupies" on "Peepland" is much better, though, and the AC/DC cover is a bit rough...

Thursday, September 20, 2007

M.O. on eBay

There is a copy of the long-out-of-print M.O. (AKA Mauthausen Orchestra) "Raising Vapours" CD (1997, BloodLust! / Body and Blood Exploration) currently on eBay:

For more information on this release , check here:

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Coming Soon on BloodLust!

B!087 Dysthymia "Hopeless"

Edition of 50 numbered copies
Release Date: October 1, 2007

Photos from Last Night

I just posted a few snapshots that Blake Edwards took with his MacBook cam:

Last Night's CD Release Show

Thanks to everyone who came out to support. It looked grim, at first, and I think that the early start time worked against us. But by the time that Jason and I played, there was a more respectable turnout at Elastic.

Thanks to Blake, for having us back at a Triage show. Thanks to Vadim, for getting the new double-CD-R set ready for the show. It looks really beautiful. For anyone who is interested in this release (FYI, the first release under my own name in about 10 years), please contact the label. The Whitechapel website will be updated with information about the release, ASAP:

As for the show, after pretty subtle/quiet sets by Nick Butcher and Snake Charm, Jason and I seemed to sort of bulldoze the place. I will let Blake's review, as posted on the Troniks/Chondritic Sound board, describe things:

Jason Soliday and Mark Solotroff immediately stepped off the 9 meter diving board and plunged right into the deep end: an initial volley of a mountain exhaling—a gristly, heavy drone—soon swelled into a wall of storm clouds that shook the flesh on your face. These storm clouds, in turn, brought thunderstorms, swarming mid and low end rumbling that shook elastic for all it could take. Still, the gentlemen constantly pushed harder, layering hail and static shocks into a denser and denser suffocation. The organic atmosphere was then sucked into a low bass vortex: 300 helicopters 5 feet over your head ran in elaborate figure 8 patterns—another excellent panning-generated disorientation. The screams of 3,000 very pissed off birds then came shrieking through the bass and a sinister engine began grinding along for a few moments before the high end rained down; microphone feedback and cymbal bowing delivered a cascade of high tones that cut through all the low end and gristle. Radio static discharge and bass feedback began rotting away at the edges of the high end until, with a final bass “whoomp,” the machines were silenced. One of the tightest set I’ve seen by these folks.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

BLOODYMINDED Video from Milwaukee

Here are the first clips that James posted to YouTube. I guess that the compression process used to upload them caused things to look much darker than it really was, so I am looking forward to seeing the actual footage. Thanks again to Wes Tank for videotaping us!

"Outside The Gate"
September 15, 2007
Milwaukee Noise Fest

"Lake Street"
September 15, 2007
Milwaukee Noise Fest

Monday, September 17, 2007

Tomorrow at Elastic

Tuesday September 18, 2007

Triage @ Elastic Arts Foundation
2830 N. Milwaukee Ave (2nd Floor)
Chicago, Illinois 60618

Show: 8:00 PM
All Ages

Jason Soliday and Mark Solotroff
Release show for our new double live (gonzo) CD-R on Whitechapel

Snake Charm

Nick Butcher

Mark Solotroff "Solo Live 001"

Here are details on a special release that I have prepared for the tour:

B!086 Mark Solotroff "Solo Live 001" CD-R
- Edition of 100 numbered copies
- Recorded at Behind The Green Door, Detroit, MI, at Birthday Destroyer III, June 24, 2005
- Mastered at Eightysevenwest Recording, Chicago, IL, by Salvatore Dellaria
- Pro-duplicated CD-Rs in white DVD cases with black and white cover art

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Black and White

James posted some great black and white photos that he took last night, during the Milwaukee Noise Fest, on his Flickr page:

BLOODYMINDED at Milwaukee Noise Fest - Recap

September 15, 2007
Milwaukee Noise Fest
Darling Hall
Milwaukee, WI
Climax Denial
Ghost Ice
Raperies (Like Draperies)
Porcelain Dorsal Fin
Charlie J Moneybags

James Moy - Live Mix + Synth
Mark Solotroff - Vocals
+ Synth


03. AS IF
06. HEAD

Congratulations to Peter Woods for setting up such a kick ass festival. Although I was only there for one, not three, nights, I was totally appreciative of all of the hard work that went into planning, organizing, promoting, and executing these events. I walked in and saw the line-up of speakers/amps up on the stage and all that I could do was smile. The whole night was excellent! The mixture of bands was the best that I could ask for. I swear to fucking god that every act delivered the goods, big time. And it was one intense set followed by another, in pretty rapid succession. I never thought that eight bands/artists could be presented so efficiently. Patient started off the night with such an intense "bang" - and under severely fucked up and adverse conditions - my hat goes off to John Engman. A Chicago show is a must. Seeing Ghost Ice twice in one week was pretty insane. I wondered if Jeremy could equal or top Wednesday night's show at Mr. City and the answer was yes. I will leave the longer reviews to the thread on the Troniks/Chondritic Sound board, but you can rest assured that there was not a dud in the bunch. As I told everybody at the show, it was amazing to look out at the crowd, and to realize how many of the people that I saw are consistently at shows that we/I play in Chicago. The support that I get from Milwaukee is ultra-appreciated, so I was really happy to be able to participate in the festival.

So, what can I say about our set? It was the first BLOODYMINDED show in 12+ years where less than three members played. But I was not worried, because this being his twelfth show with me, I knew that James would totally have my back last night. Handling the live mix, and playing two - and sometimes three - synths - the sound was as thick as it should be. I tried to play a synth as much as I could, but I did not want it to take away from what I needed to do. The crowd was fantastic. There were certain songs where I was getting freaked out by how many people were screaming along. One person in particular who I have to mention is Ryan
Lackey - who spent his last night before flying to California to prepare for his second deployment in Iraq as a U.S. Marine - tearing it up in the pit - and from my perspective - keeping up with me word for word. Best wishes, Ryan! Be safe.

Major thanks to everyone who was there - those who have trekked down to Chicago - those who I met for the first time - those who had something to say about our set - and those who showed such cool support at the merch. table. It was also great to see Mr. and Mrs. Lombardo make the trip up from Chicago! Thanks to Wes for videotaping the whole thing. Big thanks also go to Mykel Boyd for offering to drive me up there. It was reinforced, yet again, how crazy it is to realize how we managed not to meet until this last year, when we have been brushing up against similar circes of friends and acquaintances for so many years. Hi/bye to Nick and Jordan - great to see you guys! Hi to Christina (Alex' g.f. - spelling?) - nice to meet you. The night ended up at a really good late-night Mexican place called El Jalapeno. I can vouch for the lengua and the al pastor. Good tacos!

As I stated at the beginning, I definitely made the right decision about which show to play last night!