Sunday, March 02, 2008

Locrian Review

Courtesy of Plague Haus:

Locrian: Plague Journal

by [ j ]

LocrianBloodlust! : 2008
Format: 7” Vinyl

Released as part of Mark Solotroffs’ (Bloodyminded) Private 7” series, Locrian offers up two metal-tinged slabs of dizzying psychedrone.

Side A leads off with the EP’s title, a 5 minute plus ride of aggressive echoing guitar strum sliding over a slick foundation of ambient electronic groan and feedback. They twist, turn and scramble for superiority, but both have their moments in the spotlight, the guitar finally relenting to the power of luminous noise.

Side B is more subtle. Spacious whispers of sonic resonance ebb and flow to the treble tones of guitar that would be as at home on a Blue Oyster Cult jam as where they now reside in six string witchery. The track ends in a locked groove so hypnotic you’ll want to give the duo all your cash.

This was my first taste of Locrain, but I’ll definitely be looking for more. A hefty 7” of pristine white vinyl housed in an unmarked white cardboard sleeve. Get it from Bloodlust! before they’re gone.