Friday, March 21, 2008

Prurient Review

From: Plague Haus (with thanks!)

Prurient: Whip Enthusiasts

by [ j ]

plain and white, just like meBloodlust! : 2008
Format: 7” Vinyl

Another release in the Private 7” series and another jewel in Mark Solotroffs’ (Bloodyminded) already hefty crown.

Side A’s “Garden Of Eden Located” begins with a synth line that would be as at home on a Vangelis soundtrack as here. A few seconds in and your blasted with a wall of noise you’ve come to expect from Prurient. Then you’re assaulted by the distorted scream/shouts of Dominick Fernow. The juxtaposition of the heady keyboards versus the harshness of the vocals and noise is amazing. It’s audio Yin and Yang.

B sides “The Judaic Palm Tree” starts with a vomited scream of a vocal that cuts abruptly as more spacey synth begins paired with subtle layers of sweeping noise. The vocals are (of course) heavily distorted, but instead of the expected screams and shouts, it’s more along the lines of a recital, deep and thoughtful.

I really like the direction Mr. Fernow has taken his project with this release. Originality is a tough act to pull off nowadays as we sail the seas of sameness in all genres. I hope to hear more along these lines. Pressed on white vinyl and housed in a plain white sleeve with photocopied insert, this release is limited to 300 copies. Recommended.