Saturday, January 12, 2008

Intrinsic Action on Discogs

In case you have not checked in a while, the Intrinsic Action page on Discogs has been updated. Additional (but not all) ex-members were added, as well as details on the "Motivation" VHS. Thanks, as always, to xdefenestratorx

Tonight - 01/12

Saturday January 12, 2008

Time: 8:00 PM
Cost: $5.00 (donation)
All Ages

The Flowershop
2159 W. 21st Pace (at Leavitt Street)
Chicago, IL 60608


Bee Mask (Cleveland, OH)

Howland/Russell (Members of Skin Graft & Jerk, Cleveland, OH)

Mark Solotroff


Slave Trade (Brett Naucke of Druids of Huge)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Nothing Works Here

FYI, my Animal Law bandmate - and sometime duo collaborator (a quick MiniDisc count indicates that we have already done nine shows together) - Jason Soliday - has revved up his online presence over here:

Thursday, January 10, 2008


B!092 Mark Solotroff "Solo Live 002" CD-R
- Edition of 100 numbered copies
- Recorded at McKinley Foundation, Westminster Hall, Champaign, IL, July 30, 2005
- Mastered at Eightysevenwest Recording, Chicago, IL, by Salvatore Dellaria
- Pro-duplicated CD-Rs in white DVD cases with black and white cover art

$10.00 USA/$13.00 World @ postpaid (please use for PayPal payments)

I will also have them with me at the following shows:
Saturday January 12, 2008 - The Flowershop - Chicago
Wednesday January 16, 2008 - Wierd @ Home Sweet Home - New York City

Tank From Hell

This review of Sunday's The Fortieth Day performance was posted on someone's Live Journal page:

"The last band was one of the dudes from Bloodyminded and some other people doing some intense drone thing which was accompined (sic) by a video projection that consisted of pure fucking gloom, I swear! The video was some grainy black and white psychedelic stuff, think of like old school psychdelic (sic) projections, but instead of shiny hippie sentiments it was chock full of misanthropy and DREAD. They were actually playing behind the screen, so all you got to see was this creepy video going along with this tank from hell noise."

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Forum again

Troniks/Chondritic Sound is back... phew...


I just posted a few of Lori's photos from last night on my Flickr page.

Thanks to everyone who came out... and stayed! It was a pretty amazing crowd for a rainy Tuesday night... about as many people as at the Yeh/Wiese show from a few months back.

Great to play with Bongripper again. Total psychedelic mindfuck. BLOODYMINDED will be playing with them in February, at the Empty Bottle. Excellent to see Al-Thawra in action, even with their last minute equipment scramble, etc. A truly interesting hybrid of anarcho/crusty punk, grindcore, and Arabic music. Daily Void did fast and tight sci-fi punk... Chrome meets Rudimentary Peni meets Saccharine Trust... maybe? Setting us up for a real "suck the air out of the room" sort of scenario, which thankfully did not happen. This was our tightest set yet, definitely making up for the problematic set at The Note.

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum...

It seems to have disappeared, actually... The Troniks/Chondritic Sound board has vanished, and for that matter, the Chondritic Sound site is gone, too. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Pelusium Reviewed

Several people have been sending me messages today about this sort of non-review from Vital:

THE FORTIETH DAY - PELUSIUM: 540 AD (Cassette by Cipher Productions )
Industrial sounds I would say - like being in the engine room of the titanic pre iceberg, are in fact the guitar/bass duo of Isidro Reyes and Mark Solotroff, though this is far from obvious and extremely processed and heavily split across the stereo field it clinks on in washes of noise in search of its iceberg. The Fortieth Day is to do with some orthodox ritual for the dead and Pelusium a city on the Nile delta, and the year 540 AD marks the outbreak of the bubonic plague in that city, and appears as one of the first historical accounts of the famous European outbreak which continued into the last century in parts of the world. Such scary events are only reduced to absurdity when one thinks of a stupid baker burning down London and so relieving the city of its rat vectors and giving Wren the opportunity to create some remarkable churches, and of course forcing Newton home to his apple orchard.. the deaths from the plague generally increased the economics of a faltering Europe and given the impact of Newton's work on subsequent industrialization makes the occult glee I surmise is hinted at here somewhat questionable. (jliat)


Jason from Cadaver In Drag was just checking to see...

I am listening to the Discharge "Grave New World" CD to get psyched-up for tonight's show... for vocal inspiration??? So the answer is --- yes, I am...


Tuesday January 8, 2008

Time: 9:00 PM
Cost: $6.00 (poster says $7.00, but it's $6.00)


2101 N. California
Chicago, Illinois


Animal Law

The Daily Void




Animal Law
Animal Law is what happens when five guys who primarily operate within the experimental, noise, and avant-garde rock scenes (Geoff Guy of Sexual Freedom, ex-Gays in the Military; Blake Edwards of Vertonen, Crippled Insectual; Dylan Posa, ex-Cheer Accident, ex-The Flying Luttenbachers, ex-Bobby Conn; Jason Soliday of I Love Presets, Coeurl, Gunshop, Mora; and Mark Solotroff of BLOODYMINDED, The Fortieth Day, ex-Intrinsic Action), combine forces to play some form of laboriously slow, heavy metal dirge. While the band may cringe at the use of comparisons, references have already been made to (early) Swans, Khanate, Bauhaus, Harvey Milk, The Goslings, My Bloody Valentine, Flipper, Saccharine Trust, Einsturzende Neubauten, etc.

The Daily Void
The Daily Void have been culled from the disbanded Functional Blackouts, who over the relatively short while they were performing, created a dense aura around themselves: playing house shows throughout the Mid-West and the like. With the demise of the FBs, Dr. Filth and cohorts sought to continue their legacy of disheveled punk with a slight evolution. The sound of DV is obviously in some way tied to the FBs, but not as fulfilling. It’s still punk and the music still attempts to relate a bleak future through each tune. There is a tangible difference. The same propulsion is present. The band is fast, sloppy and rugged but the sense of experimentation and lack of care is missing. Even their name points to a perception of life that may not result in maximum effort. Where as each FBs’ release moved forward in some way, adding a new layer of post-punk nihilism and noise, this initial release from the Daily Void seems like a step back to a more basic and primordial time. The music is still balls out punk, but doesn’t maintain the urgency that the Functional Blackouts were able to bring to the fore. Identification Code's 11 songs stem from the darkest corners of the human mind, turning it's feeble imagination against itself in a cacophony dread-inducing noise. In doing so, they also form the basis of one of the most exciting punk albums in years and one that's ridiculously difficult to explain in text. The Daily Void's sound can be best described as the ultimate balancing act. Every element of their being is teetering recklessly on the edge between polar opposites and as soon as you get an idea of which side a particular song will plummet into, the balance is readdressed by a violent swing to the other. Imagine, if you will, taking every Rudimentary Peni record ever released, pulling the best bits on each album and then condensing it into one LP and you start to get an idea of what this record sounds like: Absolutely fucking brilliant.

A powerful, multi-ethnic Chicago band that combines the crusty punk, grindcore, and hardcore styles of Assuck, Aus-Rotten, Crass, Doom, Discharge, Filth of Mankind, Gauze, Hellshock, Misery, Napalm Death, Nausea, etc., with the Arabic strains of Rachid Taha, Farid Al-Atrache, Munir Bashir, Abdel Halim Hafez, etc. The group also found inspiration in the cult industrial/experimental project, Muslimgauze, as a final touch. Al-Thawra and its members have already received international coverage in articles about taqwacore in such publications as Rolling Stone, The Guardian (U.K.), and Newsweek, for their participation in this emerging global scene.

The heaviest thing to hit Chicago since Oprah. Bongripper plays down-tuned jams so thick it's like trying to shit concrete. The combination of earth-shattering riffs and psychedelic atmospheres will remind you of the time that you dropped acid while listening to your old Black Sabbath records. You know, the time Miles Davis and Tommy Iommi have turned into goats and are sacrificing your soul to Luficer. Sounds something like that.

Poster for January 8, 2008 Animal Law show

Monday, January 07, 2008

Last Night at Ronny's

Lisa, Isidro, and I, had a really good time at last night's show. The recording of our set came out extremely well, and as usual, I found myself mesmerized by Lisa's video --- and totally spacing out on what I should have been doing. She had some new elements/loops that looked outstanding, projected in large scale. There was a modest turnout, it being a Sunday night, and all, but it seemed to go really well. Thanks to all of our friends, who showed up to support. Thanks to Dave Kozin, for asking us to join in. Thanks to Ronny's and MPShows.

Environmental Sound Collapse played Gameboy-generated, beat-driven electronics which ended on a surprisingly "gangster" note. Sounds Happy + William Sides did a long, soundscape-type piece, also beat-driven, but utilizing a tabletop full of circuit bent items and various gadgets. Their sound also had a surprisingly dark tone for something made with rewired toys, and whatnot. Weirding Module - Michael from Awesome Color - reminded me a bit of Pax Titania... less minimal-synth, though, and more sequenced jams on analog synths and various keyboards. Michael from Bad Party fell ill, so Nate made the trek without him, ultimately not playing a follow-up set to the December 1, 2007, Bad Party show at Cabin Fever - but an unexpected, and thoroughly inappropriate follow-up to the October 30, 2004, White Devil show at Camp Gay. Hooray!

The oddly warm ad late night ended with a half dozen of us pigging out at El Presidente. Thanks to James for the 70% cacao covered peanuts, which are delicious!

Prurient and Locrian 7-inch vinyl on BloodLust!

These two new private series 7-inch singles are at the pressing plant and they will be out on BloodLust! next month.

Please note that due to sharp pricing increases just instituted by the pressing plant, along with the last round of price hikes by the United States Postal Service, I will be raising the price of all BloodLust! vinyl releases.

As of February 1st, these singles will cost $8.00 USA/$11.00 World @ postpaid.

For a limited time, until the new catalog update is posted on February 1st, I will be offering a discounted rate for paid pre-orders of the two new singles.

If you order both of them now, I will honor the current price of $7.00 USA/$10.00 World @ postpaid --- plus I will knock off an additional $1.00 for combined postage --- thus both singles will cost a total of $13.00 USA/$19.00 World @ postpaid --- PayPal to:

(This offer is for both singles, only. Single record orders will not be honored)

BloodLust! 089
"Plague Journal" 7-inch
(Pressed in an edition of 300 copies; White vinyl; White labels with minimal black text; Unmarked white cardboard sleeves - sealed on three sides; Black and white insert; Locrian's first appearance on vinyl sees the duo of Andre Foisy and Terence Hannum distilling their specific take on deconstructed metal trance music down to just over a dozen minutes of finely balanced, passive/aggressive, shimmering psychedelic drone; private series number seventeen)

BloodLust! 093
"Whip Enthusiasts" 7-inch
(Pressed in an edition of 300 copies; White vinyl; White labels with minimal black text; Unmarked white cardboard sleeves - sealed on three sides; Black and white insert; For this single, Dominick Fernow seems to have crafted the ultimate Prurient statement for BloodLust! - two tracks that seamlessly combine Fernow's "Pleasure Ground"-style minimal-synth leanings with his most caustic, raw, black metal lust - resulting in a truly brutal mutated style of power-electronics; private series number eighteen)