Saturday, October 25, 2008


If the ringing in my ears was any indication, yesterday evening's brief The Fortieth Day practice was a monster. I think that Isidro and I went through some sort of exorcism ritual. And that was on top of me being in the studio earlier in the day. I can only imagine what this is going to sound like over the sound system at Cobra Lounge. It makes me wish that Kenny was still working there, though.

The amp duel was followed by an interesting menu item at El Taconazo... suadero, which for some reason I have never tried there before. Yum!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Evolution Through Revolution

Good thing that I did not end up going out of town this weekend... The call came in... Mr. Sharp: "New Brutal Truth album in progress. We need noise. Can you bring it?" Me: "Maybe?" I packed up one of the MC-202 synths, a handful of pedals (similar to my set-up with Consumer Electronics), and headed over to Volume Studios. I played synth on a few tracks, plus Sanford recorded some extra stuff to apply later, as needed. From what I heard, it should be a pretty fucking crushing album. As a longtime fan of the band, it would be great if something that I laid down makes it into the final mix.

And just for a trip down recent memory lane, here is a link to my DJ set from when Brutal Truth played in Chicago in 2006:

A Quick Blurb About Last Night

Re-post from:

A totally enjoyable show...

Crucifagium -- Greg and Kenny were less noise and more psychedelic dark ambient. Analog synth, cymbals, guitar, pedals, pedals, pedals. Amazing moment when the first Blue Line train went by in the background. You'd never know it was their first live set. Great stuff!

Bruce's set had an even stronger range from "pretty" to "aggro" passages than usual. Some tough-as-nails vocal moments. He plays too many instruments and gadgets too well. Excellent.

And am I glad that I was convinced to stay for the last set... to say it's cello through pedals doesn't even begin to describe Helen Money... Dark, experimental doom metal as played by one woman with a cello. At times, if you closed your eyes, you'd think you were were listening to a band. We heard numerous short/medium length pieces, any of which could have been easily extended into a more epic format. Beautiful.

And aside from a few familiar faces/friends, the solid turnout was almost totally unfamiliar to me. Interesting...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Booking Notes

As I have been getting a rather large number of booking requests recently, I thought that I should post something here. BLOODYMINDED played more local shows than we had originally intended this year (mostly great shows, no doubt!) and we definitely will not play again until after the New Year, at least until we can wrap up our next album. The Fortieth Day plays on November 2nd, so it will be a few months until we play again. My solo thing is on hold until I can get a satisfying new direction sorted out, and until I can work out more details on the installation plans that I started ages ago... And that Super Eight Loop show that I just did was definitely a special, one-time-only thing. No, really.

And as for people who need a Chicago show, as previously posted, I am taking some time off from organizing, booking, and promoting shows, with very few exceptions. In an attempt to still provide some sort of assistance, both in Chicago and beyond, I am continuing to update the "Midwest Tour Resource" on the Troniks/Chondritic Sound message board, even if there has been rather nominal input from people in most of the cities and towns included in the list.

Status - 10/23

- I am getting caught up on mail-order, eBay, Discogs, etc., from the last several (partially computer-less) days. Packages should be going out today

- The Locrian "Rhetoric of Surfaces" CDs arrived and they will join the Sleep Museum "Home" CD (EP #4 of 4) in the November catalog

- I am re-visiting long unheard Grief CDs right now (how appropriate), in honor of their Chicago Halloween show

- A show of note, tonight:

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Computer Business

After a rough several days in the computer department, I am back up-and-running with what seems to be a faster and more powerful machine, thanks to my miracle-worker brother. I have to do a few more things to it, but I will be catching up with correspondence as quickly as I can. New orders should go out by Wednesday afternoon, as the next two days are going to be really hectic...

Wolf Eyes and The Dead C

I posted a few words about last night's great Wolf Eyes set at the Empty Bottle somewhere in this thread: