Sunday, March 22, 2009

Semi-Automatic Carnation

Still sort of waking up after a long day/night at the Double Door... I had a great time playing with Brutal Truth last night! Bruce Lamont and I started with a transitional piece between Yakuza and B.T. that ended up becoming a nearly 20-minute (I think) synth and sax improvisation, which the band slowly joined in on (the first of two versions of "Semi-Automatic Carnation"???), and then the two of us kept jumping back in to add our sound to various songs during the first half of the B.T.'s set, which was the (complete) debut of their new album, "Evolution Through Revolution." My synth work (which was not too far off from what I did with Consumer Electronics last year - and which was pretty cool to hear over the Double Door's big PA) ended at the conclusion of the album, with what is still my favorite track, thus far: "Grind Fidelity." Then I got to enjoy the second half, which was an excellent selection of "career spanning" songs. And by the time they were wrapping things up with their cover of the YDI song, "I Killed My Family," I was savoring the show too much to jump back up to do backing vocals. That should not have been too hard of a song to remember, but you know me and lyrics... Ha ha.. oh well... Major thanks to Kevin, Danny, Rich, and Erik, for having me join in the fun!