Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Status - 5/19

- I did a mail run this evening, so all paid orders received by 3:00 PM today were sent out

- The Cadaver In Drag CDs are due to arrive a day early, according to UPS tracking, so initial orders may make it out by the end of the day tomorrow, otherwise definitely on Thursday

- The Golden Sores "A Peaceable Kingdom" CD should be all uploaded to the manufacturer tonight, so I will expect the test CDs to arrive early next week. Over the course of today, I have listened to the final master, which was created by top-notch Chicago mastering guy, Carl Saff, and it sounds excellent!

- Off to practice soon... and if we finish at a reasonable time tonight, I hope to catch Sourvein at Metal Shaker... assuming this weirdness between Metal Shaker and White Star has not fucked the show up...