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Show Recap (7/10)

Cadaver In Drag - 07-10-09 - 01
(Cadaver In Drag)

Anal Hearse - 07-10-09 - 01
(Anal Hearse)

Neil Jendon - 07-10-09 - 01
(Neil Jendon)

The Golden Sores - 07-10-09 - 01
(The Golden Sores)

BlackBerry photos shot in dark rooms suck, and so do poorly attended shows, but once Chris and Steve got started, my mind was taken off the fact that hardly anyone came out to support such a stellar line up. The Golden Sores were indeed ecstatic, moving from drone to shoegazer to heaviness, so entirely seamlessly. For a brief period in the mid-1990s, I paid attention to Seefeel, and I heard moments of that sort of atmospheric beauty (thinking of things on the "Pure, Impure" EP, for example). Neil came right on and kept my mind tuned to a sort of mid-1990s minimal IDM (Artificial Intelligence things on Warp Records) as he lulled the crowd with a slow, fat, farting modular synth pulse, building steam, brandishing a microphone, generating monitor feedback, and shocking with a vocal style that made me think of the "chatterhead" Cenobite in "Hellraiser." My first Anal Hearse set (which is pretty ridiculous) was a total mindfuck of that netherworld between death-industrial and power-electronics... of the darkest variety. Analog synth, vocals, porn (Traci Lords)/depression loops... and the most surprising sequence of pummeling beats! Cheers to that amazing subwoofer! Cadaver in Drag mixed it up between their newer less-doom-more-psychedelic-meets-SST style -- which is dark and unpleasant in a whole other way -- and Moog and organ passages that were so dense and thick that you would need a machete to cut through them. Thanks to The Viaduct, for hosting. Thanks to Ben, for setting it up. Thanks to Kenny for the live sound mastery. Thanks to those few who did did show up and support. Great space. Whopper of a PA. We'll be back...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Status - 7/10

- All paid orders received by 9:00 AM this morning have been mailed, including copies of the Pharmakon CD EP and the Kriminaaliset Metsänhaltijat CD EP. Thanks to those who ordered early!

- Nightmares update:
Our 7-inch master has been sent to the pressing plant
Our casette (C-30) master
has been sent to the duplication facility
Our CD master is nearly complete


BloodLust! Presents July 10, 2009

Locrian Pix on Brooklyn Vegan

Brooklyn Vegan posted a recap - with lots of photographs - of last Sunday's show with Fuck the Facts, Anal Cunt, Locrian, Compremesis, and Gwynbleidd

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Nightmares - Update - 7/9

Work has been completed on a Nightmares C-30 cassette that utilizes the SCTL methodology to create a dense, dark synthscape. This release will be pro-duplicated and released in an edition of 100 copies in August. The CD tracks are nearing completion and we should have more news on that release soon...

Locrian on EVP

The Electric Voice Phenomenon weblog has posted a review of the CD version of "Drenched Lands"

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Golden Sores in The Reader

From the Chicago Reader (for the complete article)

Local Release Roundup
The sludgy sounds of Mayor Daley, a fragment of a lost soul masterpiece, and more

By Miles Raymer

July 9, 2009

GOLDEN SORES | A Peaceable Kingdom | (Bloodlust!)
The Golden Sores' page at


In a note he sent me with my copy of A Peaceable Kingdom, Steve Fors of the Golden Sores describes his duo with Chris Miller as an “ecstatic drone band.” How much sense that makes probably depends equally on which definition of ecstatic you’re using and your serotonin levels. If you’re imagining a noise version of the Polyphonic Spree, try again—this is more like watching the thin scrim of reality torn to shreds in front of your eyes, soundtracked by a pile of electronics and amps. “The Awful Rowing Toward God,” named after a collection of Anne Sexton’s poetry, combines sheets of harsh, granular electronic noise and swooping howls of guitar feedback to evoke a divinely inspired vision with an inconceivably unhappy ending. But on the next track, aptly titled “Klonopin,” the Golden Sores sound much more mellow: clean, sustained tones and washes of delay ebb and flow tidally, creating a subtly dynamic drone.

Cadaver in Drag, Anal Hearse, Neil Jendon, Golden Sores
Fri 7/10, 10:30 PM, Viaduct Theatre, 3111 N. Western, 773-296-6024, $7.

The Reader About Monday

From The Reader:

Locrian, Anatomy of Habit, Human Quena Orchestra, Pharmakon

The evolution of metal from thrash to death to grind can make it look like a glorified contest to see who can play the fastest, but going all the way back to Sabbath’s viscous blues the genre has had a sludgy streak, and in the 90s a number of bands—most notably Sleep—apparently began a parallel contest to see who could play the slowest. These crawling tempos have an effect even more perverse than blinding blastbeats and warp-speed shredding, distending the songs until whatever melodies they might have are nearly impossible to parse unless you’ve got an attention span that can handle geological time frames. San Francisco doom duo the Human Quena Orchestra—two former members of Creation Is Crucifixion—have taken this approach so far that they’ve dispensed with melodies almost entirely. Their recent The Politics of the Irredeemable (Crucial Blast) is 52 minutes of droning, whistling, scraping feedback and nearly buried black-metal shrieks, punctuated by isolated guitar-and-percussion impacts that sound like intermittent artillery shelling. The album’s slate-gray atmospherics and expanses of negative space make it something like dark-side ambient music—a variation I doubt Eno could’ve predicted. Locrian headlines; Anatomy of Habit, the Human Quena Orchestra, and Pharmakon open. —Miles Raymer

B!130 Pharmakon CD EP

BloodLust! New Release:

- Initially available Monday July 13 at Pharmakon's Chicago show
- Available Wednesday July 15 via BloodLust!
- Artist's copies may be available from Pharmakon if stock remains after the show (contact via:

Artist: Pharmakon
Title: "s/t"
Format: CD EP (Professionally duplicated CD-R, single panel, double-sided insert, color artwork; jewel box with shrinkwrap)
Catalog Number: BloodLust! 130
Genre: Noise / Death-Industrial / Power-Electronics / Experimental

B!130 Pharmakon CD EP
(click to enlarge)

This special sampler EP, which was pressed in a one-time limited edition of only 100 copies, was created especially for the occasion of Pharmakon's first Chicago show, on July 13, 2009 at The Empty Bottle, with Locrian, Anatomy of Habit, and The Human Quena Orchestra. This four-song disc compiles a selection of both previously released and currently unreleased songs, which offer the listener an opportunity to discover the music of Pharmakon. The selection yields a concise and vivid glimpse into the mind of musician Margaret Chardiet, a young New York-based noise artist who is gaining increased attention, based upon her spectacularly vehement live performances. Chardiet is a part of the vital Far Rockaway, Queens, experimental-noise scene that includes such groups as Yellow Tears, Halflings, Hands Rendered Useless, Teeny Bopper, Tension Fields, and more. She also performs in the group Throat, with Ryan Woodhall of Yellow Tears, etc. On this disc, Chardiet delivers a one-woman hailstorm of cold analogue electronic terror, both violently bewitching and pushing the boundaries of the darkest and the heaviest death-industrial music. The brutal opening track, "Xia Xinfeng," was previously included on a self-titled, self-released CD-R in 2007. The more brooding "Decline One" is currently unreleased, and it will be included on the upcoming cassette, "Backsliders and Prodigal Sons," to be released by City Mortuary in 2009. The harsher "Mound of Flesh, Cavern of Fluids" was previously included on "Inside and Out", a split/collaborative double-cassette with Pharmakon and Hands Rendered Useless, released by Callow God in 2009. Finally, the dark and threatening "Locusts and Honeyblood" is a sneak peek excerpt from a new full-length recording that will be released later this year. These are professionally duplicated CDs, with single panel, double-sided inserts featuring color artwork; in jewel boxes with shrinkwrap.


1. "Xia Xinfeng" (3:35)
2. "Decline One" (2:54)
3. "Mound of Flesh, Cavern of Fluids" (5:52)
4. "Locusts and Honeyblood" (7:50)
(Total running time: 20:17)


Price: $10.00 USA/$12.00 Canada+Mexico/$14.00 Rest of World @ postpaid

(Wholesale rates available to distributors, mail-order services, and record stores; please inquire)

Please use for PayPal payments


Insert back (click to enlarge):
B!130 Pharmakon - CD EP - Insert Back

Traycard (click to enlarge):
B!130 Pharmakon - CD EP - Traycard

Disc in tray (click to enlarge):
B!130 Pharmakon - CD EP - Disc in tray

Discogs listing:

Early Warning: Haptic + Lisa Slodki at MCA

November 6-29, 2009
Museum of Contemporary Art - Chicago

Haptic (Hess/Mills/Sonderberg) and Lisa Slodki (AKA Noise Crush) will create an evolving mix of sound and projected imagery for the museum’s 12x12 series. The visual and auditory components of the performance will each mirror, echo, and feed off one another. Haptic and Slodki will perform together in the 12x12 gallery space on Nov. 10, 17 and 24. Those live performances will generate the sound and visuals that “power” the installation in the gallery space for the remaining days of November. More info forthcoming.


Foxy Locrian

Foxy Digitalis just posted a comprehensive interview with Locrian, conducted just before they left on this current tour.

Gapers Block on Monday 7/13

With thanks to Mr. Sienko!

Creatures of (Human) Habit

The Human Quena Orchestra. Photo by Elliott Thomas.

When you think 'Free Monday Night Show,' chances are a lineup like this isn't the first one that comes to your mind. The Empty Bottle (1035 N. Western) has created a rock-solid lineup of bands, incorporating doom, drone, industrial, and metal(ic) crunch and thud, and put them together on a free Monday (July 13), or as I like to call it, I-get-to-drink-eight-dollars-extra-worth-of-beer-night.

SF duo The Human Quena Orchestra, touring in support of their second album, The Politics of the Irredeemable (Crucial Blast), are joined by two local acts, one seasoned and one newly minted, and a NYC solo project making her debut in Chicago.

Quena's Ryan Unks, formerly of Creation Is Crucifixion, formed his new project (originally solo, now duo) as a mathematically precise, noise-engorged doom unit, with clanking percussion, swirls of keyboard and oscillator stuffed into the cracks between thick, muted riffs, like Godflesh played at Melvins speed, then dragged through one hundred Black Metal keyboard intros. Produced by James Plotkin, Politics trades the sharp barbs of Quena's debut, Means Without Ends, for a pulverizing, agonizing, but ultimately narcotic and hallucinatory blend of digital shimmer, monolithic pound, and shrieking vocals. Lyrics are straightforward, but pointed ('Hope is a fallacy/pacified, we eat ourselves away from the inside/hands full of life, choke this culture/this legacy is not ours, it is ours to destroy'), though completely unintelligible within the music, unless you're reading along. Crucial Blast's striking gatefold package compliments the music's matted gloom.

While HQO cast their parched cries over the rubble of civilization, Chicago's Locrian sneak back into the abandoned buildings, post-apocalypse, and play to the spirits left behind. Their latest recording -- a vinyl version of the recently-released CD Drenched Lands (CD version on Small Doses; vinyl via Chicago's Bloodlust! label) is sure to go fast. It's an edition of 200 copies, pressed on clear vinyl and housed in a beautiful silk-screened/die-cut fold-over sleeve (Chicago's own Dexterity Press have the honor). Fans who already bought the CD version may still want to have some cash on hand, as the LP version includes a 3" CDr containing 18 minutes of otherwise unreleased material, an expanded version of Locrian featuring Andrew Shearer of Velnias, and Mark Solotroff of Bloodyminded, The Fortieth Day, and others, recorded live on WLUW's 'Something Else' radio program.

Solotroff's long list of active bands grows one longer tonight, as he debuts a new quintet, Anatomy of Habit, a group built on the chassis of my beloved, now-departed doom metal exemplars Animal Law. Habit features Solotroff on vocals, Blake Edwards (Vertonen) on metal percussion, Dylan Posa (Cheer-Accident) on drums, Greg Ratajczak on guitar, and Kenny Rasmussen on bass (the latter two originally slated to record Animal Law's debut). As for what it sounds like, your guess is as good as mine...the band's Myspace page says, under the Sounds Like section: "Maybe you can tell us after we release some music..."

Opening up the evening's bloodbaths is NYC's Pharmakon, one Margaret Chardiet. So far, lists only two releases for this industrial/noise act, one a forthcoming EP on Solotroff's own Bloodlust! label, the other a three-way split double tape on Jeff Witscher's estimable Callow God label.

As mentioned above, the show's free, and starts at Rock O'Clock (aka 9:00 or thereabouts).

Chris Sienko

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Nightmares - Update - 7/7

The tracks for The Nightmares 7-inch have been edited and mastered and they will be heading to the pressing plant this week, after a last couple of "test runs." Jonathan has completed the artwork for the sleeve, so this release is on track for a mid- to late-August release.

Nightmares 7-inch (Front Cover)

Monday, July 06, 2009

Blacklist, BLOODYMINDED, Mother Russia

The esteemed Gothic Rock Russia webzine just published an intense interview with Josh from Blacklist, in which he places Wolf Eyes and BLOODYMINDED in an interesting context. The interview is extremely engaging, in general, and it can be found here.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Brainwashed Covers The Golden Sores

From Brainwashed

The Golden Sores, "A Peaceable Kingdom"
Written by Creaig Dunton
Sunday, 05 July 2009


Along with the likes of label mates (and fellow Chicagoans) Locrian, The Golden Sores have taken a modernized approach to drone, away from the traditional academia of La Monte Young and the like, but also diverging from the metal leanings of Sunn O))) into its own realm of ambience and electronic sensibilities.

Like Locrian, The Golden Sores lean heavily on synthesizers and electronics, though the two projects are quite unique in their own way. For the most part, even with the occasionally harsher moments of this disc, it never leads into metal riffing, and when it does begin to encroach on harsher sounds, there is usually a softer ambient underpinning that keeps the dissonance reigned in.

Opener "Double Gyres" begins with organ-like opening tones that slowly drift on, an opaque wall of sound that stays static as shrill guitar feedback cuts around. The guitar tone and texture is extremely raw, but not overly harsh or aggressive, but instead provides a great counterpoint to the otherwise peaceful electronic ambience. "The Awful Rowing Toward God" is similar in its presentation with the jagged guitar shrikes, though here with lower end buzzing amp noise and a simple, but buoyant bassline that keeps the song drifting along, occasionally resembling the more electronic dub oriented Main tracks, though here the guitar slides into raw noise territory about midway though before retreating back to a more purely ambient coda.

Living up to its title, "Klonopin" is a more subdued affair. There is the cutting guitar buzz here, but it is more mellow and a bit lower in the mix. It never fully disappears or becomes ignored, but it definitely allows for more of the ambient textures to shine through, and is at its core a more subdued work than the previous two, but never falling into overly boring or mundane territory. "Ondine" also keeps the fuzzed out guitar noise reigned in, focusing instead on slower gentle notes and slow-motion sheets of sound.

The closer, "A Vision," distills much of the album down for an appropriate conclusion, combining the brittle guitar shriek with drifting synthetic ambience, though here it remains a relatively sparse mix that, while not harsh, instead has a cold, dark sense of isolation about it. The guitar swells to a buzz-saw level of noise before retreating, closing the album on a somber, restrained note.

This duo has created one of those kind of works that manages to maintain that tenuous balance between reflective ambient soundscapes and grinding, coarse guitar noise in a way that never feels like an unnecessary contrast, but instead mutually inclusive extremes that captivate for both the whisper and the roar that appear.


* Double Gyres

* Klonopin

* A Vision

Wholesale Update

The July 2009 Wholesale Update has been sent to the mailing list. If you are a distributor, a mail-order distro, a store, etc., and you wish to be included in wholesale updates and new-release notifications, please send an e-mail to with "distro" in the subject line.

Mark Solotroff Archive Series Announced

Work has finally begun, in earnest, on a series of re-issues of my mid-1990s solo cassette releases. The task of compiling and re-mastering the tracks (and in some cases, re-mixing bonus material) is ongoing, but the process of presenting this long-neglected material has finally taken shape, following the strong interest in the two related Mark Solotroff + Sshe Retina Stimulants CDs that were released last year. The following release sequence will be initiated this summer:

B!131 Mark Solotroff "Archive01" CD
(Part one of re-release of and remix from “Instrumental Demonstration of Death-Noise” - C-90 - 1995 - BloodLust!)
B!132 Mark Solotroff "Archive02" CD
(Part two of re-release of and remix from “Instrumental Demonstration of Death-Noise” - C-90 - 1995 - BloodLust!)
B!133 Mark Solotroff "Archive03" CD
(Re-release of “A Venom in the Blood” - C-60 - 1996 - Old Europa CafĂ©)
B!134 Mark Solotroff "Archive04" CD
(Re-release of “Evidence to Suggest Postmortem Sexual Assault” - C-60 - 1996 – Slaughter
Productions + "Blood Room" from "Extreme Pleasures Vol. I" cassette compilation - 1995 - Slaughter Productions)
B!135 Mark Solotroff "Archive05" CD
(Re-release of “In the Mind of a Monster” - C-46 - 1996 - G.R.O.S.S. + “Blood Rush” - Unreleased track recorded in 1995 for Beast 666 cassette compilation)
B!136 Mark Solotroff "Archive06" CD
(Re-release of “Sexual Homicide” - C-60 - 1996 - BloodLust!)
B!137 Mark Solotroff "Archive07" CD
(Re-release and remix of “The Biology of Rape” - C-46 - 1996 - Less Than Zero + “Raped To Death” from “Original Soundtrack” cassette compilation - 1996 - Less Than Zero)

B!131 Mark Solotroff "Archive01" CD (Front Cover)

Locrian LP Final Tally

After packing up the last of the Locrian orders this weekend, all copies of my stock were accounted for and I will not have any of the records to release to anyone on the reservation list that I announced. My apologies go to anyone who I was not able to furnish with a copy. Please check with Locrian via e-mail [] to see if they can provide you with one of their copies. Or, if you live near one of their tour stops, please support them in person...

Locrian 7/13 on Flavorpill

From Flavorpill


Critics who praise doom-drone noiseniks Locrian for evoking "elemental human dread" are missing the mark. To be sure, the local duo can cast dark, foreboding, ominous structures with the best of them. But Locrian trade mostly in disconsolate melancholy, coaxing funereal dirges out of a controlled cacophony of minor-scale guitar lines, mountains of feedback and distortion, and droning waves of sound. There's an anguish, an existential sadness, underlying the discord — a welcome respite from the doom-for-doom's sake that drives much of their metal-offshoot scene. Tonight, the outfit ends its cross-country tour with a free show at the Empty Bottle — and celebrates the vinyl release of their elegiac LP Drenched Lands.

– Suzanne Niemoth