Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mail Run 7/18

- All paid orders (Discogs, eBay, mail-order) received before noon today were just sent out

Locrian LP via Aquarius

The Locrian "Drenched Lands" LP can now be acquired via Aquarius Records

Friday, July 17, 2009

Michigan Crew + Delina (etc.) at The Mopery Tonight

Birth Refusal
Uneven Universe
Hive Mind
Terra Nova (AKA David and Delina Russell)

The Mopery
2734 N. Milwaukee Avenue
10:00 PM

Sabbath's Progress

Well, I am finished with all of the Ozzy-era Black Sabbath albums, so after I take a run, it will be onto "Heaven and Hell" and beyond... Pray for me. I never made the connection between that album's cover artwork and Van Halen's "MCMLXXXIV." Funny...

Locrian LP via TMU

The Troubleman Unlimited store has a small number of Locrian "Drenched Lands" LPs for sale.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Status - 7/16

- After Isidro and I went through a batch of al pastor tacos, and after listening to all six sides of the Rococo test pressings, we just gave our approval to the label. The box artwork and the related embossing specs were being wrapped up today, too, so everything should heading into final production now

- Anatomy of Habit has added a new show to our schedule: Wednesday August 19 at Subterranean. Details to follow...

- Mastering has been completed and artwork is underway for the following new 7-inch single: B!143 Atrax Morgue "Omicidio" b/w "Autoerotic Death (2009 Remix)"

- Heads-up... I only have five (5) copies of the Pharmakon CD left. Alternately, copies can be obtained directly from Miss Chardiet via:

Heavy Rotation at Home

Nightmares (proposed CD tracks)
Pharmakon "s/t" CD (BloodLust!) - re-living the glory of Monday night
Kriminaaliset Metsänhaltijat "Koskemattomuus" (BloodLust! CD pre-release master)
Kriminaaliset Metsänhaltijat "Anarkkia, Kaaos, Maailmanloppu!" CD (BloodLust!) - still on HEAVY repeat)
Mauthausen Orchestra (various new tracks)
Human Quena Orchestra "The Politics of the Irredeemable" CD (Crucial Blast)
Human Quena Orchestra "Means Without Ends" CD (Daft Alliance)
Cult Ritual (various - LP, singles, demo)
Teeth of the Sea "Orphaned by the Ocean" CD (Rocket Recordings)
Consumer Electronics "Crowd Pleaser" LP (Hand To Mouth)
Josh Hydeman "Chiaroscuro" CD (Entropic Tarot)
Blacklist "Midnight of the Century" (Wierd Records)

+ I am attempting the complete Black Sabbath discography, which I have not been able to do in quite a while, thanks to "The Osbournes," every TV show with Sharon Osbourne, etc.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Belated Locrian 7-inch Review on Foxy Digitals

From Foxy Digitalis

Locrian "Plague Journal / Apochryphal City, Portents Fallen"

Suddenly highly visible, especially after their winning full length “Drenched Lands,” Locrian present herein a far briefer expression of their sound. With as constrained a timetable as a 45 presents, and as expansive an approach as the duo typically partake in, it is perhaps a bit surprising that the group pulls this off so well. Yet rather than approach the format with miniaturized versions of their melancholy buildups they wisely try an entirely different approach. “Plague Journal” presents a bounding guitar line that writhes continuously, slightly changing in texture but not in build, before a haunting close with high end choral effects humming amidst buzzing electronics and oscillator runs draws things back down toward silence.

The following cut, “Apocryphal City, Portents Fallen,” with its blustery opening, is a far grimier and more bombed out atmosphere. Here the group’s typical patience is exercised, if consolidated, and the twisting guitar arpeggios lay the groundwork for a mineshaft of debris and concrete. There’s a song buried in their somewhere interestingly, but it also all feels very meditative in its repetition, though in a pretty destitute way. Never doom-y for doom’s sake, Locrian always manages to fill their work with real feeling, a kind of deep blues sadness that is far more frightening and lonely than mere blackness. This little offering only broadens the group’s potential as something far more than another Earth copyist, expounding on minimalist structures, electronics, drone and psych in the name of a forgotten future. Another piece of the puzzle, and an important one at that. 8/10 -- Henry Smith (14 July, 2009)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Representatives from Rococo Industries hand delivered a set of test pressings to me last night, for the BLOODYMINDED "PHASES : THREE" 3x7-inch box set. Upon a first listen, the mastering seems to have been done very well, and I am both pleased and repulsed by just how disgusting these recordings are. Lord knows, this is a prime example of our "Magnetism"-era style run through the miasma of true Midwestern basement hell. The insert was also included and the printing looks great. Next, the custom boxes need to be wrapped up, but we are closing in on completion! Come to think of it, there was full Rococo Records representation there (present and past), last night, which is excellent!

Monday Show Recap

Well, we could not have asked for much more, last night, as the show went exceedingly well! On every level, from the bands/artists that played -- to the hospitality at the Empty Bottle -- to the overwhelming support from our friends and families.

Pharmakon kicked off the night in vicious style... Margaret started off with a brooding sound, playing the keyboard part to "Locusts and Honeyblood" -- which has a death-industrial, or dare I say, nearly a minimal synth feel -- and more restrained vocals -- before unleashing the most jaw dropping and blood-curdling scream that sent a shockwave through the venue. She followed with the even rougher "Xia Xinfeng" -- and in just over ten minutes, she demolished the place and made a lot of new fans... and completely satisfied those who specifically got there early to see/hear her. Brilliant!

The Human Quena Orchestra brought the most devastating low-end with them... effortlessly combining aspects of doom-laden crusty-punk (Amebix, Winter), industrial-metal (think Godflesh with zero pop-pretensions, early Swans, France's underrated/unknown Slushy), death-industrial, and noise. I have become very familiar with their two albums and finally seeing it done live (I missed their last Chicago show) really hammered it home. A crusher!

We (Anatomy of Habit) were up next and things seemed to go by in a flash. We played two (rather long) songs ("Overcome" and "Torch") and it was indeed strange to perform them and hear them out of the confines of our small practice space. I could not be happier with how the set went, and with the amazing response that we got during and after our show. The most kind and positive telephone calls, e-mails, and text messages have been flowing in since late last night. Thank you so much to everyone who patiently waited for this night... and who showed up to support. What a killer crowd! We will be back at The Empty Bottle on Saturday August 15th...

Locrian was like a band possessed... and having just been out on the road for nearly two weeks clearly added to their increasing array of strengths. No one out there sounds like them -- and last night they clearly reached a new peak in their still-young lifetime as a band -- It is gratifying to be even a little part of their world. Or, let's say, their other-worldliness... Thanks again to Andre and Terence for asking us to be a part of the night --- even after we could not justify doing the entire tour with them. And thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate the release of the "Drenched Lands" LP.

-- Blake has started posting a few photos and even a video clip of Pharmakon...

We didn't leave the venue until forever, and after a quick stop to drop off our gear, I met the Milwaukee crew (major thanks to James, Alex, and Ryan, for driving down) and Margaret at Continental, for a nightcap. A late night tea party followed. Today, it was a slow start, then off to Kuma's with my brother and Isidro, for a leisurely lunch on the back patio. Baroness = delicious... the chimichurri sauce was a winner!

Margaret should be back in New York by now and after a quick Post Office run (all paid orders are in the mail) I am off to practice... No rest...

Monday, July 13, 2009


Flyer for Anatomy of Habit debut show on July 13, 2009

I hope that you can join me on tonight, as my band Anatomy of Habit will be playing our very first show, after an all-too-literal nine-month gestation period. The line-up for this event was carefully crafted by the Locrian guys and me, and we think it is a pretty powerful grouping of artists. And hey, a Monday night at the Empty Bottle? Free!

Anatomy of Habit - Pin Design


Monday July 13, 2009

The Empty Bottle

1035 N. Western Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60622

Doors: 9:00 PM
Show: 9:30 PM
Admission: Free


Anatomy of Habit

The Human Quena Orchestra

Pharmakon event link:
Facebook event link:


Anatomy of Habit will play their debut show on Monday July 13th at The Empty Bottle. Anatomy of Habit was formed in October 2008, following the dissolution of the band Animal Law. Blake Edwards (metal percussion), Dylan Posa (drums), and Mark Solotroff (vocals) [all formerly of Animal Law] joined forces with Kenny Rasmussen (bass) and Greg Ratajczak (guitar) — the duo originally slated to engineer and produce Animal Law's abandoned debut album. The revitalized five-piece group spent the long and extreme winter of 2008-09 working on all-new material in their claustrophobic practice space on the border of Humboldt Park and Garfield Park in Chicago.

Anatomy of Habit - Photo Composite for Press

Left to Right:

Greg Ratajczak - Guitar (also of Plague Bringer)

Blake Edwards - Metal Percussion (also of Vertonen, ssseepage, Burrow, Series Founders, Crippled Insectual, ex-Animal Law)

Mark Solotroff - Vocals (also of BLOODYMINDED, The Fortieth Day, A Vague Disquiet, Nightmares, ex-Super Eight Loop, ex-Intrinsic Action, ex-Animal Law)

Dylan Posa - Drums (also of Dylan Posa and Three Cheers for One Dead Man, ex-Cheer Accident, ex-Flying Luttenbachers, ex-Brice-Glace, ex-Animal Law)

Kenny Rasmussen - Bass (also of Radar Eyes, ex-No Funeral)


Monday night's headliners, Chicago's droned-out black-metallers Locrian, return from their East Coast tour, in support of their critically acclaimed recent CD, "Drenched Lands" (At War With False Noise/Small Doses). That night will also mark the official release of the vinyl version of "Drenched Lands" as a luscious clear vinyl LP, housed in beautiful, letterpressed covers, printed at Chicago's own Dexterity Press, and released by BloodLust! The LP also includes a bonus 3-inch CD that was recorded at WLUW 88.7 FM on Philip von Zweck's Sunday night experimental show, Something Else, and it includes contributions from Velnias' Andrew Sherer and Anatomy of Habit's Mark Solotroff. Please note that the record is already sold out from the label, so the band's copies are likely among the last ones available. Also check with Reckless Records at 26 E. Madison St. and Permanent Records at 1914 W. Chicago Ave.


San Francisco's The Human Quena Orchestra return to Chicago mid-way through a full month of tour dates, in support of their second album, "The Politics Of The Irredeemable" (Crucial Blast). The band "sets a new standard in mechanistic darkness, creating a self righteous, umcompromising post-indistrial sound, reminiscent of early Swans, Bastard Noise, Jesu, Xasthur, The Locust, and Godflesh." ( Aquarius Records described their first album as, "one of the most devastating slabs of blackened post industrial ultra doom ever, an abject crawl through layer upon layer of impossibly thick downtuned buzz, massive walls of crumbling distortion, pounding percussion, we mentioned groups like Godflesh and Pitchshifter and Swans, as well as Moss and Bunkur, but even on that record, HQO were going somewhere darker, and deeper, heavier and way more extreme. Take those same bands and mix in some Whitehouse, some Khanate, diSEMBOWELMENT, Thergothon, Lustmord, HQO is the soundtrack to a descent into hell, or at least sounds exactly how we imagine that must sound."


Margaret Chardiet, who performs under the name Pharmakon, is a young New York-based noise artist who is gaining increased attention, based upon her spectacularly vehement live performances. Chardiet is a part of the vital Far Rockaway, Queens experimental-noise scene that includes such groups as Yellow Tears, Halflings, Teeny Bopper, Tension Fields, and more. This highly anticipated one-off show will mark her Chicago (and Midwest) debut and it promises to deliver a one-woman hailstorm of cold analogue electronic terror, both violently bewitching and pushing the boundaries of the darkest death-industrial music. Via BloodLust!, Pharmakon will have a limited edition CD EP on hand that night, created especially to further introduce Chicago show attendees to her music. This is a one-time pressing of 100 copies.


Guardians of Wierd

Wierd covered in UK's Guardian