Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bowie or Obituary

Right now, I would totally be listening to the new Obituary album, "Darkest Day," if I could yank "Heroes" out of my CD player. After a couple of spins of the complete album (following many recent plays), I am now repeating "Sense of Doubt," "Moss Garden," and "Neuk├Âln," with an extra "V-2 Schneider" thrown in, here and there. What better soundtrack for a Saturday morning that brings jet fighters racing back and forth across the Chicago sky. Jesus, I even got chills earlier this week, re-watching "Christiane F. - Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo," at the points when "V-2 Schneider" and "Sense of Doubt" appear on the soundtrack. And is/was there a subconscious connection between "Heroes" and the Anatomy of Habit song "Overcome"? I will think about that later...

A few quick words about last night's show...


Tonight... Early!

BloodLust! Presents August 15, 2009 - Poster

Friday, August 14, 2009

Status - 8/14

- More Nightmares singles were mailed out yesterday, along with eBay packages, and paid orders received by lunchtime were all sent. I will get the next batch in the mail on Monday

- Wretched Worst from Lexington hit town tonight... So, don't sit at home sulking because you aren't wallowing in filth around a campfire, drinking warm beer, and getting bitten by mosquitoes (or bears) in West Virginia this weekend... Come out to Hotti Biscotti to support Wretched Worst, Augment, and Death Factory, to drink cheap, cold American Beer, all in a mosquito (and bear) free environment...

- Looking forward to tomorrow (literally and figuratively), of course...


Poster for August 14, 2009 Show (Revised Again)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Status - 8/12

- I took a huge batch of mail to the Post Office at the end of the day, with both eBay and mail-order packages. All paid Nightmares 7-inch orders received by 5:00 PM today were sent out. Thanks to everyone who already ordered!

- Nightmares tour merch is all in place now, so what is left is to figure out some last gear things, to get the technical side finalized, and to practice as a group, once David and Jonathan hit town

- Gearing up for a big weekend... Wretched Worst at Hotti Biscotti on Friday and Anatomy of Habit with Halflings an Silk Flowers on Saturday (early!) at The Empty Bottle. Hopefully, after the Saturday show, some of us can make it to The Mopery to see Peaking Lights, Piles, Work (with Sarah B. from 16 Bitch Pile Up), etc.

The Golden Sores on Foxy Digitalis

From: Foxy Digitalis

The Golden Sores "A Peaceable Kingdom"

Labeled as drone, The Golden Sores really do not move me that way. Nor do they count as “experimental” as some would describe them in a some carelessly offhand way. To these ears, I hear a beautifully lush, forever in flux crimson gush of monolithic sound and disintegrating bone. Some might call that drone, but these days, that descriptor is forever hammered into a blood-trodden path too often trod. Instead, what I hear here are some wonderfully throbbing explorations of both non-percussive rhythm and a rich appreciation of timbre and distortion via strings and keys.

Rather than the above mentioned drone, this insanely gorgeous psych is driven by an array of instrumentation both broken and new, and the results are often fearful, beatific and dazzling. To wit, the second track of the CD, “The Awful Rowing Toward God,” is a clear example that beauty results from anguish, and that seems to be an aesthetic constant throughout “A Peaceable Kingdom.” The entire recording maintains that bitter apex, dirty yet covered with a deceptively pearlescent varnish.

Every track imparts both sublimity and dirt, divinity and disease—and that’s a wonderful duality. At first listen, I thought that this was merely another electric wannabe, but upon further attention, the 8-mile gaze rendered itself into an awful clarity of sincere catastrophe and completion. Where the Sores will soar next is anyone’s guess, however, I’m assuming their wings are already burned to a tasty crisp. For those who love dense and sunburned acid, then you can’t wrong with “A Peaceable Kingdom.” 8/10 -- P. Somniferum (11 August, 2009)

Color Nightmares

Here is a better snapshot of the vinyl color variations:

Nightmares 7-inch Vinyl Colors
(click to enlarge)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pharmakon Video from Burning Fleshtival (July 24)

Blood Curdling! (of course) But stop and think about it for a moment or two...

United Colors of Nightmares

The Nightmares vinyl and covers arrived today. Paid pre-orders will begin shipping tomorrow. Here is a quick BlackBerry shot of the various marble vinyl colors that have been unpacked:

Nightmares 7-inch Vinyl Colors
(click to enlarge)

Ordering details may be found here

Nightmares on Metal Ireland

From: Metal Ireland

NIGHTMARES: Staggeringly creepy sounds from a triumvirate of industrial/noise legends Jonathan Canady (Deathpile), Mark Solotroff (Bloodyminded) and David Reed (Envenomist), and probably the only band recently who actually sound like their name suggests. Based around analog synths, this project creates some of the eeriest soundscapes you’re likely to hear. 7″ and cassette out in August, and I can’t fucking wait to get my hands on both.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Wilt + Mark Solotroff

I am amazed that it has been nearly three years since I played live synth with Wilt at Spot 6 in Chicago, and about four years since I did vocals with them at a show in Champaign-Urbana. I am a bit late in delivering it, but I have just completed a remix/collaboration track for their "Dead Electronics" album, the companion disc to "Cemetery Road." The list of collaborators includes a few friends: David Reed, Locrian, Mark Solotroff, Sickness, Climax Denial, and, Josh Lay.

Heat Rotation

Aluk Todolo “Finsternis” CD (Utech Records)
Greymachine “Disconnected” CD (Hydra Head Records)
Julian Plenti "Julian Plenti is… Skyscraper" CD (Matador)