Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Status - 8/11

- I did a big mail run yesterday and all paid orders are up-to-date.

- I was a part of an intense and ridiculously loud Plague Bringer practice last night. I worked out an effective new pedal sequence for the Korg Monotron to use on Friday. I will be playing synth through the entire set, adding backing vocals throughout, but especially on the new song, "One Into Parts."

- Isidro and I head back into the space tonight to continue work on new The Fortieth Day material.

- The Atrax Morgue 7-inch (B!146) master has been in heavy rotation this week, to make sure that it is up-to-snuff. That release should be heading into production shortly.

- The digipak design for the Locrian "Territories" CD (B!157) is underway. We all hope to get that to the plant soon, as well.