Thursday, September 02, 2010

Sneak Peek: B!146 Atrax Morgue "Omicidio" 7-Inch

B!143 Atrax Morgue "Omicidio' 7-inch = Front Sleeve

Since folks have been asking, the forthcoming Atrax Morgue 7-inch comprises an "alternative a-side" that Marco Corbelli had sent prior to the release of the "Her Guts" 7-inch (B!039). We knew that "Sinfonia Per Un Sadico" was definitely going to be the b-side, and it was a toss-up between "Her Guts" and "Omicidio," which took some time for us to resolve, as both tracks were very strong. In any case, "Omicidio" is too good to let disappear, and aspects of the song really remind me of the live Atrax Morgue show that I put on in NYC, way back when, as Marco's vocals are so prominent. The b-side is a nice, tight, and heavy edit/remix from the "Autoerotic Death" cassette (B!006). All in all, it makes a great companion to the previous Atrax Morgue 7-inch on BloodLust! More details soon...