Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Reader on 11/26

From the Chicago Reader

"Bloodyminded" is an apt term for local power-electronics powerhouse Mark Solotroff, who's been creating pummeling but oddly seductive sounds since founding New York noise outfit Intrinsic Action in the early 80s. (The first lineup of Bloodyminded was similar enough to the last lineup of IA to suggest that the old band split for symbolic reasons, not creative ones.) For the past decade and a half, he's been running a label called BloodLust! and plying his trade with far-flung collaborators—like Xavier Laradji, head honcho of the small but hugely disturbing publishing house Timeless, who's flying in from France for his first Chicago performance in many moons. These days Solotroff also plays in Anatomy of Habit and collaborates with drone-metal band Rabid Rabbit, who are also on tonight's bill. This show celebrates the reissue of Bloodyminded's 2006 milestone, Magnetism, which Solotroff has called his most personal work—it sounds like one of Rupert Sheldrake's morphogenetic fields being systematically unraveled and then encased in carbonite. Yakuza headlines; the Che Arthur Three, Rabid Rabbit, and Bloodyminded open. —Monica Kendrick $8, $5 in advance