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Heavy Focus Compilation with BLOODYMINDED

Small Doses and Phage Tapes have just released this 2CD compilation to raise funds for the Heavy Focus Festival that BLOODYMINDED is playing at in April. We contributed a live version of "Ten Suicides" with Jason Schuler from Cadaver in Drag on vocals, recorded live at the Matchitehew Assembly, in June of 2009. Lots of other BloodLust! artists and friends appear on it, too...


various artists: heavy focus 2xcdr

This compilation was put together to raise some funds for the Heavy Focus Fest this April. It features most of the artists scheduled to perform. All profits go to cover costs and pay the traveling artists. Co-released with Phage Tapes. 2 cdrs and insert packaged in a hand-screened arigato pack.

disc 1
1. Squid Fist- Hall Mall
2. Climax Denial- Push My Buttons (Libido Mix)
3. Being- Take Off
4. Regoshere- Pitbull Holocaust
5. Seth Ryan- 01cnn_frk
6. Wilt- Bodies Fall Away
7. xALLxFORxTHISx- Throat
8. Grain Belt- Devil's Whip
9. Werewolf Jerusalem- Left With Nightmares
10. Koufar- The Difference
11. Custodian- Untitled No. 37

disc 2
1. Teeth Collection- Untitled
2. Juhyo- The Buried Session
3. Disthroned Agony- Eternal Blackout Inebriation
4. Bloodyminded (Featuring Jason Schuler)- Ten Suicides (Live)
5. Cock ESP- Sliced Cuntz
6. Paranoid Time- No Entertainment IV, VIII & IX
7. Infirmary- Close The Gates
8. Plasmic Formations- Untitled
9. Gnawed- Ostrich
10. Locrian- Inverted Ruins
11. Envenomist- Angelic

Available in the Small Doses shop:
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$12.00 North America / $14.00 World

OUT NOW: B!147 Locrian "Territories" LP

BloodLust! New Release

Artist: Locrian
Title: "Territories"
Format: LP
Label: At War With False Noise / Basses Frequences / BloodLust! / Small Doses
Catalog Number: ATWAR073 / BF23 / B!147 / DOSE85
Genre: Black Metal / Drone / Experimental / Noise / Power Electronics
Edition Size: 500 Copies

B!147 Locrian "Territories" LP

At War With False Noise (UK), Basses Frequences (France), BloodLust! (USA), and Small Doses (USA) are pleased to announce the co-release of "Territories," the second studio full-length from Locrian. The album was recorded in January 2009, at Phantom Manor Studios in Chicago, IL, and it features a group of collaborators including Blake Judd (Nachtmystium, Twilight), Bruce Lamont (Yakuza), Andrew Scherer (Velnias), and Mark Solotroff (Anatomy of Habit, BLOODYMINDED). AndrĂ© Foisy and Terence Hannum have spent the last several years honing the Locrian sound and they have taken elements from noise, power-electronics, drone, and black metal to come up with a truly unique approach that reflects the sprawling urban decay that surrounds them in Chicago. After nearly two dozen releases, they have found themselves in the world of "Territories." For this release, Locrian has pulled out all of the stops and they have fleshed out the band with the help of Mark Solotroff on vocals and synthesizer, Blake Judd on guitar, Bruce Lamont on saxophone and vocals, and Andrew Scherer on drums. The results of this massive collaborative effort are apparent from the moment that the album starts. The textures run darker and deeper; the vocals -- sometimes three layers deep -- seem to be conjured from the decrepit muck of a failed civilization; the feedback takes on a more pronounced presence; and the augmented line-up allows for full-on black metal assaults that burst out of the tortured drones that Locrian have come to be known for. Truly a case of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts, "Territories" may well be the most fully realized form of Locrian’s dystopian vision. As with their previous album, "Drenched Lands" (2009, At War With False Noise and Small Doses - CD; BloodLust! - LP), "Territories" was skillfully mastered by Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering Service, and the sound could not be more monumental. The LP is pressed in a black vinyl edition of 500 copies, is housed in heavyweight, full-color, true LP sleeves, and it includes an 11" x 11" double-sided, full-color insert. A compact disc edition of "Territories" is planned for summer 2010.

A1. "Inverted Ruins"
A2. "Between Barrows"
A3. "Procession of Ancestral Brutalism"
B1. "Ring Road"
B2. "Antediluvian Territory"
B3. "The Columnless Arcade"

Discogs listing:


Price: $18.00 USA/$20.00 Canada+Mexico/$24.00 Rest of World @ postpaid

(Wholesale rates available to distributors, mail-order services, and record stores; please inquire)

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Thursday, March 04, 2010

For Fans of Nightmares, Angel of Decay, Deathpile, Dead World...

Man, Jonathan Canady has had a lot of releases on BloodLust! This one is on Malsonus, but I thought that I would re-post his announcement:

The Mind Sountrack - For Sale Now

My soundtrack for The Mind is available for sale now. You can purchase it as a CD (limited to 250 copies) or as a digital download. Click here to see the trailer for The Mind.

The Compact Disc version is a professionally manufactured release with full color artwork (two sided cover insert and one sided tray card) in a factory sealed jewel case.

The CD cost is $12 U.S. (first class postage paid) and $15 for the rest of the world (first class international postage paid). Paypal orders are being accepted at malsonus [at] yahoo [dot] com

If you would prefer to pay with a money order please just email me to make arrangements.

You can listen to the soundtrack in it's entirety and/or purchase the digital version for only $9.99 at (this is an immediate download of the 30-track album in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire).

The majority of this music was created using only my vintage Octave Cat analog synth. Fans of Nightmares, Angel of Decay, and The Urge Within as well as 70's and early 80's synth horror soundtracks (Burial Ground, Driller Killer, The Fog, The Boogey Man, etc) take note - this is right up your alley. Both the CD and digital version were professionally mastered by Thomas Garrison.

Thanks. -Jonathan

Anti-Gravity Bunny on Locrian

Following a great review of The Golden Sores CD on B!, Justin from the Anti-Gravity Bunny blog was kind enough to post this really positive review of the Locrian "Territories" LP:

Locrian - Territories (At War With False Noise / Basses Frequences / Bloodlust! / Small Doses, 2010)

Locrian - Procession Of Ancestral Brutalism

Where the fuck do you start with a record like this? I guess the first thing I should mention (in case you didn't notice) is that
Territories is too much of a monolithic beast to be contained by individual labels or continents. It took FOUR labels to put this thing out. That right there should clue you in as to how fucking massive this record is.

Then there's the fact that this isn't just André & Terrence playing, like most
Locrian releases. Nope, they've recruited, like, every awesome metal dude around. Mark Solotroff (of Bloodyminded) on vocals and synths, Blake Judd (of Nachtmystium) on guitar, Bruce Lamont (of Yakuza) on sax and vocals, and Andrew Scherer (of Velnias) on drums. DUDES. We get it. You're trying to make to most badass record ever. No need to go overboard (just kidding, always go overboard please).

What Locrian usually go for is black. You know, black metal, blackened ambience, black doom, black noise, all the black one record can handle. But combine their entire discography's blackness and you still can't muster even a half hearted fight against the epic black hole that

This record is fucking incredible. It opens with a super textured lurching hunchback of a song, with piercing squelches of feedback over a gurgling swamp of vocals and noise. The next song chills out a bit with some not-too-scary low end drone played by a mourning sax and commiserating synths, accentuated by spurts of crashing cymbals. But the third song is where they fucking kick it into gear. All out black metal fury that totally fucking annihilates in the most gorgeous way possible. I don't think I've heard them delve this far into the BM yet, and it's so. fucking.
good. It's not especially fucked or twisted that way I normally like my black metal, but it's not too straightforward either. They balance the blast beats and wall of buzz with droning static and plodding thunder in a way that makes me think "Why don't they always do this? It's unbelievable." But then I listen to the rest of the record and remember why.

Territories finishes with 3 more songs that really get into some true terror, blackened rumbling, traipsing thrumming, soaring static, and more of that torturous feedback. Clouds roll in and shit gets dark, heavy, and scary as fuck. Helicopters flying in launching tear gas rockets to stop the rioting masses, decrepit malfunctioning machines topple, rusted tetanus infections, doomsday alarms, the demise of our society. And it all culminates with a black metal march of triumph over the decay, proof that even in the Future American Dystopia, no matter how debased and degenerated we have become, it's still going to be fucking beautiful.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Rock-A-Rolla on Locrian "Territories"

Here is a review of the new Locrian LP from the latest issue (#24) of Rock-A-Rolla magazine... with major thanks to Scott McKeating! (click image to enlarge)

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Iron Maiden, Intrinsic Action, Slayer

Andre and Terence from Locrian were the guest DJs at Exit on Sunday night, and while I could not make it there to check out their set, they still supported BloodLust! and the generally played some excellent music. Their setlist can be viewed on their blog

Anatomy of Habit at Phase Recording Studios

Blake uploaded a few snapshots to his Flicker page from Friday night's Anatomy of Habit session at Phase Recording Studios. Here are a few of them:

The One True Dead Angel on Locrian "Territories"

From The One True Dead Angel

Locrian -- TERRITORIES lp [At War With False Noise / Basses Frequences / Bloodlust! / Small Doses]

Here we have an album so immense, so blackened, and so heavy that it required four separate labels to lift it off the ground and cram it down your throat. Part of what makes this one so heavy is the additional firepower they bring to the game -- their diabolical fusion of noise, drone, and black metal is augmented by additional sonic death courtesy of guests Andrew Scherer (Velnias) on drums, Blake Judd (Nachtmystium) on guitar, Bruce Lamont (Yakuza) on sax and vocals, and Mark Solotroff (Bloodyminded, Anatomy of Habit) on electronics and guitar. With the duo of Locrian backed by a full band, the result is a sound that's louder, thicker, and goes off in more directions than ever before. The opening track, "Inverted Ruins," makes this clear from the beginning, with plodding drums, bowel-scraping noise, and a serious commitment to skin-crawling dissonance. "Between Barrows" opens with an ominous cyclotron drone that could have been lifted from one of their earlier albums, but soon it is overlaid with eerie cymbal washes straight out of the Book of Khanate and more power-electronics hum, and as the piece progresses, the drone and crackling noise are embellished by dark ambient washes and eerie feedback drones, all playing out in languid but anguished fashion, like an unsettling prelude to violence. That violence finally arrives in "Procession of Ancestral Brutalism," where -- after an uneasy introduction of vaguely atmospheric ambient noise -- a buzzing guitar, pounding drums, and pained howling swaddled in mountains of reverb usher the album firmly into pure, antagonistic black metal territory. "Ring Road" returns to the more familiar pleasures of grinding, near-industrial tones and screech-laden power electronics, a deliberately grating sound that evolves into a dark, throbbing drone made even more threatening by the alienated noises that rise and fall in the background; the song eventually dissolves into a swirl of static and devolved black metal guitar wailing, like a lost soul disappearing down a rabbit hole. "Antediluvian Territory" is not quite so sinister but every bit as eerie, with a plinking guitar figure creeping across a burnt ambient soundscape of fogged-out noise and cryptic tonal dread, while "The Columnless Arcade" ends the album with an orgy of noise fed through enormous amounts of delay and echo as huge, shuddering drone action threatens to topple the entire sonic architecture into a cold, poisoned ocean... and then the pounding drums, treble-heavy black metal guitar, and hellish vocals burst forth without warning and the sonic destruction REALLY begins. What a way to end a completely filler-free album. Heavy, heavy stuff, o my brothers and sisters, heavy stuff indeed. If you haven't been smart enough to worship Locrian yet, you really should pick this up and get with the program.

At War With False Noise
Basses Frequences
Small Doses

Brainwashed on Locrian "Territories"

From Brainwashed

Locrian, "Territories"

Written by Creaig Dunton
Sunday, 28 February 2010

cover imageLooking back, it has only been a bit over a year since the Greyfield Shrines LP, my first exposure to these guys, yet in that year I’ve heard as significant amount of development and change in their work. While that release was reminiscent of the intentionally minimalist drone of Sunn O))), subsequent work has brought in greater elements of noise, electronic music, and post-punk alternative. This LP is perhaps the ultimate culmination of that, being released by no less than four labels and featuring guest appearances from members of Bloodyminded, Nachtmystium, Yakuza, and Velnias.

At War with False Noise/Basses Frequences/Bloodlust!/Small Doses

The change and evolution of their sound is immediate once "Inverted Ruins" launches. The carefully controlled feedback of Andre Foisy’s bass guitar and the simple echoed stabs of Terence Hannum’s synths could be on any of their releases, but the addition of live drums from Velnias member Andrew Scherer and the distant, disgusted vocals of Bloodyminded’s Mark Solotroff push the sound closer towards rock territory, while synthesizer drones and digital noise pull it in the opposite direction. The song slogs along at the pace of stoner rock, but there’s far more noise experimentation going on for it to drift into caveman riff-heavy Sabbath territory.

The long "Procession of Ancestral Brutalism" embraces the squall of black metal, but with a distinct sound and structure that contradicts the genre’s infatuation with muffled flatulent production and cookie monster vocals. Aided by Nachtmystium’s Blake Judd on vocals and guitar, it’s not surprising that it conjures images of black metal, but the complex layering of guitars over Hannum’s almost prog-rock synth lines and Scherer’s freak out drumming, all with a cavalcade of vocal parts sounding like Mayhem and Can battling it out with neither side dominating the other.

The closing "The Columnless Arcade" features the same line-up, with the addition of Yakuza’s Bruce Lamont on saxophone. The screamed tortured vocals and rapid staccato guitar also give a metallic sheen to the proceedings, but there is a greater aridness to the track, a bit more light let in. Shades of the post-punk guitar sound that appeared on the recent 7" split with Harpoon are here as well, giving a purer tone and color than other artists are usually able to muster.

Between these longer pieces linger a few shorter, more sparse instrumental bits that are no less captivating. The sustained organ and insect saxophone of "Between Barrows" have a meditative quality that fits well between the louder, more boisterous tracks. Similarly, "Antediluvian Territory," which sits as the penultimate track, is a sparse duet of organ and guitar, which soars and rings on with a melancholy beauty that calls to mind, at least in mood, some of the best moments of the Cure’s Seventeen Seconds for some reason.

This time last year I thought these guys were doing something different in the field of drone metal, which has continued to be an overly cluttered genre, but I wasn’t sure exactly what that difference was. While I have been concerned at their prolificness over the past year, their output has never been superfluous or unnecessary. Territories stands as the full realization of the tapes, EPs, and split 7" singles that the band has issued in this time, perfectly encapsulating their dark, dystopian sound with the ideal balance of pure heaviness and pensive drone. Topping this one will be tough, but I’m thinking they will be able to do it in time.


Monday, March 01, 2010

BBC Reviews Angular/Wierd Compilation

The BBC just posted a review, with song samples, of the new Angular compilation, "Cold Waves and Minimal Electronics," curated by Pieter Schoolwerth: