Saturday, July 10, 2010

B!148 Fecalove 7-Inch

BloodLust! New Release

Artist: Fecalove
Title: "Dead Weight" b/w "When"
Format: Pink marble 7-Inch in professionally printed color fold-over sleeve
Catalog Number: BloodLust! 148
Genre: Noise / Power-Electronics / Experimental / Industrial

B!148 Fecalove "Dead Weight" 7-inch

BloodLust! is pleased to announce the release of
"Dead Weight," a new 7-inch by Fecalove, which marks the artist's label follow-up to the explicitly deviant "Like A Dog" CD [B!115, 2008]. Following in the tradition of the many great Italian artists who have worked with BloodLust!, including Mauthausen Orchestra, The Soldality, Iugula-Thor, Sshe Retina Stimulants, Sigillum S, Atrax Morgue, Murder Corporation, and Dead Body Love, Fecalove is a natural fit with the label. And this fact is only made that much better by the addition of Wertham [AKA Marco Deplano, also of Foresta Di Ferro], whose forceful vocals grace the A-Side track. As a point of history, BLOODYMINDED played five shows with Fecalove during our 2007 U.K. tour, and each night I was struck by the unique performance style that I witnessed, as well as by the intense blend of power-electronics and harsh noise that I heard. This new single offers two outstanding tracks that truly demonstrate the raw power of this sound-and-vision smut peddler, all further enhanced by the beautifully obscene artwork created for this release by Nicola Vinciguerra. Pink marble vinyl, professionally printed color fold-over sleeve, poly outer-sleeve, hand-numbered insert card; Released in 2010.


A: "Dead Weight" (4:03)
B: "When" (3:53)


Price: $10.00 USA/$12.00 Canada+Mexico/$14.00 Rest of World @ postpaid

(Wholesale rates available to distributors, mail-order services, and record stores; please inquire)

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Poster for July 10, 2010 Show

Friday, July 09, 2010

Status - 7/9

- Fecalove vinyl just arrived and it looks great! Records will be assembled this weekend and the release will be announced ASAP

- Masturbatory Dysfunction test CD was approved and copies are due in about a week. The Guilt Of... CDs should follow right after

- Anatomy of Habit plays tomorrow night with Wolf Eyes, Neil Jendon, and Rabid Rabbit at the Viaduct Theater

- Recommended tonight in Chicago: Failures at Ronny's

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Crustcake on Ten Suicides

A nice write-up from Crustcake, as part of a full Eyehategod weekend wrap-up (nice "Afternoon Delight" reference!):

Ten Suicides
When: Sunday, June 20, 2010
Where: Reckless Records Wicker Park, Chicago, IL

Two trains (Blue Line at Divison, Forest Park-bound to Monore Red Line Howard-bound) and a bus (N201) later, I was back in my Evanston apartment. Cradled backed into the arms of yuppiedom (why I actually live there is a long story).

I did not want to be there. What I wanted was more punishment. Time to get reckless at Reckless.

Wicker Park, for those who haven't been to Chicago, is where American Apparel/Crystal Castles-fixed-gear types hang out. Pitchfork's home base is there. Enough said. Therefore, a noise set would be quite abrasive to the regulars. Luckily, Ten Suicides were plenty harsh. Comprised of Eyehategod's Mike Williams and Joe LaCaze, Mark Solotroff, Isidro Reyes, and James Moy of Bloodyminded, and Ryan McKern of The Guilt Of..., Ten Suicides was a little under 30 minutes of ear-splitting electronic manipulation. Solotroff screamed into a cornucopia of microphones, Williams strummed loosely on his guitar, LaCaze pushed his way and screamed into the crowd, and no one was making anything resembling Starlight Vocal Band. Due to the confines of the venue, it wasn't quite as confrontational as a Bloodyminded show, but still a hell of a good time. At the instore, I saw plenty of veterans from last night, including Zac Ohler from Strong Intention. 3 p.m. was the right time for us. Any earlier and people would still be sleeping off the hooch.

Status - 7/7

- Both the Masturbatory Dysfunction and The Guilt Of... test CDs arrived yesterday. They look great and I plan to listen to them each a few times before approving them. I anticipate being on track for availability by July 15

- After an unexpected delay at the pressing plant, the Fecalove single is supposed to be pressed today and shipped out ASAP. Ultra-annoying, but they should be here shortly...

- Although I had the best intentions of heading downtown to see Disappears at Millennium Park on Monday, and possibly making it up to the Bastard Noise show, I was lured away by an end-of-the-holiday-weekend back-porch dinner party with a group of friends, and with delicious food... oh well. Luckily, I made it out of AoH practice by 11:00 last night, so I managed to head over to the Empty Bottle with Isidro just in time to catch Zoroaster, who were excellent, as always. I was sorry to have missed Dark Castle, but at least I got to see Stevie from Dark Castle sing on my favorite Zoroaster song, "Spirit Molecule," which they ended their set with. nice!

Flavorpill on Wolf Eyes 7/10

From Flavorpill

Music: Experimental

Wolf Eyes w/ Anatomy of Habit, Neil Jendon, and Rabid Rabbit

"As is par for many noise bands, being a Wolf Eyes fan is a full-time gig. If you include self-released cassettes and limited-edition CD-Rs, the Michigan trio sired no fewer than ten releases last year alone. Always Wrong (Hospital) is most noteworthy, not simply because it's the most "official," but also for its straight, no-treatment vocals and live drums. Especially if you haven't plumbed past the Sub Pop releases into the back alleys of their catalog, these nuanced changes are a minor revelation. There's still a mess of industrial clatter and low-end belching, but Wolf Eyes continue to evolve — even as their days of mass exposure have waned — and charm ever-eager Chicago noise fans. (Nate Young and John Olsen return hot on the heels of solo sets at the under-underground Mortville space just last month.)" - Stephen Gossett