Saturday, January 08, 2011

Anatomy of Habit - Video from 07/10/10

I had not previously posted this video clip of Anatomy of Habit performing the song "Torch" that was shot at The Viaduct Theater last July. It is of much higher quality than most of AoH clips that exist online...

Tickets for 2/19

Poster for February 19, 2011 show

Advance tickets are available at the Abbey Pub (hard tickets) and they are $3.00 less than at the door. Or you can get them

Anatomy of Habit - 2/25

Poster for February 25, 2011 show

Event links:

Anatomy of Habit - 1/7 - Show Recap

Anatomy of Habit

January 7, 2011
Chicago, IL

Then Window
After The Water

Thanks to everyone who came out to support the show last night, despite the snow and the falling temperature. What are you going to do? It is winter in Chicago and you cannot mope around at home by yourself forever. We also appreciate that people made the effort to check us out at a new (to us) venue... one that is further north and east than usual. All of the bands sounded really great... the system at Martyrs' is tremendous. Very loud and very clear. Sun Splitter had all of the low-end necessary, which I was not sure would be there, compared to, say, The Empty Bottle. We had a microphone chord glitch-out at the beginning of our first song, but the soundguy quickly resolved that. Very pro. Thanks to Sun Splitter, The Swan King, and My Cold Dead Hand for making it such a powerful and nicely balanced line-up.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Locrian in The Quietus

Louis Pattison recently interviewed Locrian for The Quietus, a site that remains one of my ongoing daily reads

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Office Ambience

Some recent rotations:
Circle Of Ouroborus "Cast To The Pits"
Circle Of Ouroborus "Old Ghosts" (More of the expected C.O.O. style on both of these, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. With so many releases, their songs do tend to blur into one another at some points. But their basic sound and style works well for me)
Earth "Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light" (About as much of a non-event as I had expected. I tried...)
Haus Arafna "You" (I had followed the first 10 or so releases on Galakthorrö and then I lost interest. This has been getting a lot of favorable reviews, so I wanted to check it out. Neither industrial nor minimal synth. Not sure about it... Maybe good for Die Form fans? I preferred when they appealed to S.P.K. fans)
Mogwai "Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will" (Predictable, but not bad... just a bit dull... background music... but most of their stuff is to me, at this point)
Wire "Red Barked Tree" (Sort of a more mid-80's style Wire record. More interesting music than where they were headed of late... but some pretty trite lyrics)

Sunday, January 02, 2011

New B! Reviews on Unlistenable Music


Tough little PE record from a few years back, showcasing a different BEREFT lineup without the current presence of Andrew Grant, instead featuring additional electronics by someone named Dan Fox from a project called LOSS. Beautiful white vinyl that runs at 33 rpm, the A-side "Tough Man" features high-end feedback (something that always sounds so beautiful when pressed onto vinyl) with Peter Lee's threatening vocal snarling about a "five year plan." Strange, otherworldly electronic hooks fade in from the distance, weird sounds that stay in the background but add an additional drama to the sound of the record. B-side, "Religious Leaders" sounds more like the throbbing and lurching BEREFT sound of their recent material, with piercing high end electronic noise jutting in at times. Strong and crunchy production once again sounds fantastic on this nice looking white record. Cryptic and sparse artwork, this record remains impressive upon repeated listens. A killer slice of early BEREFT sound abuse.

For those hoping that new American President Barack Obama would bring hope and change, New England Power Electronics unit BEREFT is here to tell you that "Your Messiah Will Fail." This CD is incredible, and light-years ahead of the other recent releases by the group (aside from possibly their split LP with FIRE IN THE HEAD which I have yet to hear), this release finds the perfect fusion of BEREFT's interest in dark and atmospheric electronics with a strong and unique American PE vocal delivery. Strong snarled vocals over very powerful industrial synth and noise work gives this work a very unique feel, this release in particular bring the BEREFT sound into a 90s European death industrial sort of sound, which is enjoying a very welcome comeback in the world of modern PE. Strong and thundering drums are used at several points to very strong effect, sometimes bringing to mind a fusion of PE, death industrial, and Neo-folk influence. The title track in particular has an extremely intense buildup with powerful payoff as the final seven minutes or so of the 15 minute track sound like the coming of Armageddon- war drums, harsh electronics, and what sounds like a recording of Tibetan Monks calling on the mighty savior Gompo with horns made out of human thighbones. Back to a blistering synth sound on "Just One Bullet," as the sound of a crackling synthesizer note is carried through many different variations in texture and sound, all with a destructive and unstoppable crackling harshness. BEREFT has a very high-tech sound that is easy on the ears but still bludgeoningly brutal. Another element in this music, in the basic construction and performance, is a tasteful influence coming from a hardcore punk background and interest that keeps the subject matter and composition of the songs firmly anchored in the real world. Much of the sound is based on percussive blasts of repetitive minimal electronics, but the sound is always very carefully crafted and specific. Very cool PE release that rides the line between cold and harsh Industrial electronics with very definite modern PE elements, bringing them together for a compelling hour of destruction.

Interesting project from the West coast aimed around sneaking into Guitar Center and recording personal demonstrations on the sly. Recordings are all of full-volume synth blasts and sometimes long and meditative Death Industrial cold synth sort of feel. Interesting theme, and kudos to Bloodlust for giving a voice to this unconventional and frankly very strange project that is definitely worth a listen. Worth picking up for the curiousity of it, but also for the most part very atmospheric and pleasant synth work with a very dark overall theme.

Milwaukee Added

BLOODYMINDED will be returning to Milwaukee for the first time since the Milwaukee Noise Fest in August 2007. We will play with Wolf Eyes (+ more TBA) on Friday February 18. That is the night before the mega-blow-out Chicago show with Frontier, Wolf Eyes, Envenomist, and Plague Bringer. It should be a ridiculously fun weekend... Oh, and Pieter said that he's flying out for these shows... He doesn't want to miss another chance to play in Milwaukee...