Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A great review of, and photos from, our recent Lincoln Hall show with Pelican and Redgrave. A big thanks, as always, to Brooklyn Vegan!

See photos here:

Anatomy of Habit's sprawling compositions make for a captivating live performance. The fluctuating tension over the course of their seven-plus-minute songs creates a sense of drama that negates the attention span problems that could potentially result. Their performance at Lincoln Hall (on 6/29) consisted of the two tracks from their new self-titled EP and the noisy and heavy "Torch" from their self-titled LP. Frontman Mark Solotroff delivered his softer clean vocals with thoughtful inflection and enunciation, becoming more assertive as the group got louder, eventually yelling twisted melodies. Percussionist Blake Edwards complimented drummer Noah Leger (also of Electric Hawk) with a large gong bass drum and an array of industrial objects including a big spring and the brake drum of a car, which he hit and scraped with metal mallets. After the slow droning intro of "Torch," guitarist Greg Ratajczak provided a chugging rhythm that repeated throughout bassist Kenny Rasmussen's low-frequency noise experimentation. Rasmussen got on top of the subwoofers to create feedback through a PA speaker, and then proceeded to saw his bass, strings down, against the subs.