Friday, October 26, 2012

Reader Previews The Fortieth Day 11/1 Show

Our thanks to Monica at the Reader for the great preview of next week's show!

Fortieth Day, Caltrop, Black Skies, Alma Negra, Al-Thawra 
When: Thu., Nov. 1, 8 p.m. 
Price: $5
Appearances by this intense Chicago band are few and far between—this is only the second this year. They're a spin-off of brilliant and terrifying electronic-industrial group Bloodyminded, and began as a duo of two of its members, Mark Solotroff (guitar) and Isidro Reyes (bass and programming); they've since been joined by a third, Milwaukee noise artist James Moy (synth). Where Bloodyminded is a force of nature, with all the depth and complexity that implies, the Fortieth Day is more like a surgical procedure, with a stripped-down and relatively chilly hypnotic-drone aesthetic. Historical seminarratives are the band's stock in trade: previous releases on their Bandcamp page include Pelusium: 540 AD and Syria: 638 AD. Their latest is Tenochtitlan: 1520 AD, a subject that Solotroff told me will be woven into the show's Day of the Dead theme. Like their previous concert, this will be a collaboration with video artist Lisa Slodki, aka Noise Crush. —Monica Kendrick Caltrop, Black Skies, Alma Negra, and Al-Thawra open.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Fortieth Day "Tenochtitlan: 1520 AD" Streaming

The forthcoming new full-length from The Fortieth Day, "Tenochtitlan: 1520 AD," edited and mixed by Isidro Reyes, is now streaming on Bandcamp: