Thursday, May 28, 2009

B!126 The Golden Sores "A Peaceable Kingdom" CD

BloodLust! New Release - Shipping Monday June 1, 2009:

Artist: The Golden Sores
Title: "A Peaceable Kingdom"
Format: CD in jewel box
Catalog Number: BloodLust! 126
Genre: Drone / Experimental / Noise

B!126 The Golden Sores "A Peaceable Kindom"

BloodLust! is pleased to release the new full-length recording from the Chicago ecstatic drone duo, The Golden Sores. The group began as an exploratory collaboration between software engineer, visual artist, and composer Steve Fors [unseen|unknown, United Steelworkers Union, blstr] and schoolteacher, label proprietor, and experimental musician Chris Miller [Number None, Th’ Exceptional Child, REBIS] in 2007. Bound by a shared love of red wine, the Kranky aesthetic, and the eclectic recordings of off-beat Christian Rock visionaries Daniel Amos [aka D. A., Dä], the two began their musical partnership in the "pop-drone" group Flux Bouquet. After several well-received live shows, an EP, and a scrapped full-length, Fors and Miller began to indulge their more experimental impulses, giving birth to The Golden Sores. Utilizing a combination of electric and lap steel guitar, salvaged thrift store keyboards, pedals [both broken and boutique], obscure analogue synthesizers, and other obsolete noise-making esoterica, Fors and Miller have forged deep into the realms of drone -- continuing to pursue the perfect marriage of harsh and beautiful sounds, simple melodies, and song structures through spontaneous and ecstatic improvisation. While I [Mark Solotroff, of BLOODYMINDED, etc.] have played a number of shows in Chicago with some of Fors and Millers' other groups, it was while listening to the excellent debut full-length by The Golden Sores - "Ashdod to Ekron" - that the idea first popped into my mind to discuss a release with them. Seeing them play live a while after receiving that CD definitely helped to seal the deal for me. And when a mysterious copy of "A Peaceable Kingdom" landed on my doorstep, I knew that it was certainly time. The new CD, which was mastered for total sonic purity by Carl Saff, sits comfortably amidst both "lighter" and "heavier" BloodLust! releases by Chicagoans Haptic, Locrian, Neil Jendon, and The Fortieth Day, as well between other artists on the label like Envenomist and Culver. Professionally duplicated CD, single panel, double-sided insert; color artwork; in jewel box with shrinkwrap.


1. "Double Gyres" (9:06)
2. "The Awful Rowing Toward God" (8:06)
3. "Klonopin" (6:10)
4. "We'll Wield Fire" (9:23)
5. "Ondine" (5:28)
6. "A Vision" (8:15)

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