Saturday, November 20, 2010

Time Out on 11/26

From Time Out Chicago

Chicago's Yakuza doesn't so much mix styles as it does paste them together—speed-metal yields to brief passages of pensive post-rock or jazz. But in this case, dilettantism isn't a bad thing; each part colors the others, and a brooding tension lingers throughout. Support comes from long-running sonic antagonists Bloodyminded, specializing in earsplitting electronic noise.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Status - 11/18

- All paid orders, including Discogs and eBay, are up-to-date

- Chicago folks will be able to find the new Atrax Morgue 7-inch at all three Reckless Records stores

- BLOODYMINDED "Magnetism" T-shirts will be ready next week and will be available at the 11/26 show at The Empty Bottle

Mike IX / BLOODYMINDED single back in stock

More copies of this briefly out-of-stock single just arrived. Please note the slight price increase as these copies include the large poster.

Mike IX and the Southern Nihilism Front present:
"That's What the Obituary Said" b/w "Ten Suicides"
Chrome Peeler Records
$10.00 USA/$12.00 Canada+Mexico/$14.00 Rest of World@postpaid
(Mike Williams, vocalist for Eyehategod, Outlaw Order,
Arson Anthem and author of "Cancer as a Social Activity:
Affirmations of World's End" delivers anti-social misanthropic
spoken word and power electronics on this limited edition 7-inch.
Side Zero: "Thats What the Obituary Said" a spoken prose piece
with ambient backing by Ryan [The Guilt Of...] McKern, The other
Side Zero: "Ten Suicides"' originally a BLOODYMINDED track
with vocal by Mike IX Williams and now newly re-mixed by Mark
Solotroff [Intrinsic Action/BLOODYMINDED]. Original artwork by
Mike IX. Black with yellow splatter colored vinyl. Limited to 500
copies. Includes large folded poster. Housed in glued, true picture sleeve)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wierd at Seven

Congratulations to Pieter, who will be celebrating the 7th anniversary of Wierd, tomorrow night, with a live performance by Xeno and Oaklander... and I hear that Liz and Sean are debuting all new songs from the forthcoming 2011 LP... I wish that I could be there...

Status - 11/16

- All paid orders (including Discogs and eBay) have been mailed out and are up-to-date. Those in Chicago wishing to purchase the new Atrax Morgue "Omicidio" 7-Inch may also now do so at Permanent Records

- Last night's The Fortieth Day session yielded familiar yet intense results. Maybe it was the blood sausage (ritual) that Isidro and I partook in before we went to the space. Maybe it was all of the garlic in the jibaritos. The packaging for "Constantinople: 746 AD CD" is coming together and we should be announcing details on this exciting release soon...

- Exciting things are brewing in the Sleep Museum camp, too, and news is forthcoming on a very special set of releases under the "Forschung" heading, due in early 2011

- Off to Anatomy of Habit practice soon...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Halo LP Announced

Atrax Ephemera

Atrax Morgue
New York City
November 25, 1996

Handbill for 1996 NYC show

Unused ticket for 1996 NYC show

Status - 11/15

- Busy week ahead, prior to Xavier's arrival, the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend, BLOODYMINDED (11/26) and Anatomy of Habit (11/29) shows, etc.

- Atrax Morgue orders continue to stream in, so thanks to everyone who has taken an interest in this great new single! I am packing up the weekend's orders and I plan to get them in the mail before tonight's The Fortieth Day practice/recording session

- Per the notice at the lower right, I am putting a (temporary) hold on the label's typically open demo policy, due to an ambitious upcoming release schedule and a difficulty in keeping up with all of the music that has been sent to the label over the past six months, or so...