Saturday, February 12, 2011

Status - 2/12

The Slogun "We Human Animal" CDs have arrived and paid pre-orders will ship out, as expected, on Monday February 14. This new album is a total boot-in-the-face attack... Raw... Aggressive... Vocally driven but with some pleasantly surprising musical approaches. All handsomely packaged in a perfectly designed 6-panel digipak. Totally recommended!

Image of Slogun "We Human Animal" CD

Image of Slogun "We Human Animal" CD

Friday, February 11, 2011

Status - 2/11

B!136 + B!137 test copies have been approved and are confirmed for release date of Tuesday February 15, 2011


New additions to the BloodShop!

Image of Atrax Morgue "I'm Infected" 7-Inch

Atrax Morgue "I'm Infected" 7-Inch

Image of Wilt "She Walks The Night" 7-Inch

Wilt "She Walks The Night" 7-Inch

Image of Wilt + Marax + Goose "Harsh Fields" Cassette

Wilt + Marax + Goose "Harsh Fields" Cassette

A.V. Club Milwaukee on 2/18

A.V. Club Milwaukee listing

A considerable force in the noise-rock underground, Wolf Eyes makes excoriating ambient music full of rotten static blasts and high-frequency hiss. The Michigan trio first stabbed at upward mobility with 2004’s Burned Mind, a sustained scream of an album put out by Sub Pop—a label considerably bigger than the tape-traded ones that Wolf Eyes entertained in the past. The band’s scouring sound makes both more and less sense live, when it’s allowed to stand as its own troubling experience. The group has recently been experimenting with elements of early psyche, adding even more depth to its lo-fi creations. Bloodyminded, on the other hand, has refused any notion even resembling change over the course of its 16-year run, remaining faithful to its minimal and aggressive approach toward perversion-drenched power electronics.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Crucial Blast on Mark Solotroff

Re-posted from Crucial Blast, with thanks, as always, for the thoughtful write-up!

B!134 Mark Solotroff "Archive04" CD - Jewelbox Front

B!134 Mark Solotroff "Archive04"

Part of Bloodlust's ongoing reissue series of past solo recordings from label boss Mark Solotroff (also of Bloodyminded and Intransic Action), Archive04 collects some mid-90's output that originally came out on the Italian death industrial label Slaughter Productions on cassette. All of that stuff has been out of print for years, so this series is great for any Solotroff fans that never stood a chance at getting their hands on these early synth-death works when they first came out. This fourth entry in the series is heavy stuff, the first two tracks making up the bulk of the disc with more than an hour of crushing tectonic harsh wall noise that forshadows the sort of black maelstrom that artists like The Rita, Vomir, and Last Rape.

These two thirty-minute tracks are from the 1996 cassette Evidence To Suggest Postmortem Sexual Assault on Slaughter Productions, each a vast side-long rumbling dronescape, like a muted HNW, all washed out and with almost all of the highs eradicated from the mix. A monstrous half hour avalanche of low end rumble that has subtle synth buzz fluttering on the periphery, becoming more apparent as the track progresses. The swarming black low-end drift is oppressive from start to end, a consuming mass of bass-heavy sound, a massive deathdrone wave of black lava washing over the earth beneath swarms of demonic locusts. When the second of the tracks kicks in, it at first seems to be less bass heavy, more of a fluttering, rumbling engine drone, a massive mechanical whirring trailed by swooping sine waves, still deep and murky and HEAVY, and eventually it flattens out into a similar expanse of churning muffled tectonic rumble as the first. This material is a must hear for fans of pure monolithic harsh noise.

"Blood Room", the third and last track, comes off of the Slaughter Productions.compilation tape Extreme Pleasures Vol. I. from 1995. It ends the disc with a jarring swarm of high frequency tones and swarming insectile chaos, the frenzied beating of millions of black wings, a sky full of swarming , chirping, squealing clusters of high-end noise.

Recent Rotations

Envenomist "Bound Dominions" (the excellent new CD on Fatal Beliefs)
Caïna (discovering the entire catalog of albums, EPs, and splits)
Utarm "Minus The Divine" (catching up on this rough guy from 2009, with thanks to Josh/Vaura/Blacklist)
My Disco "Little Joy" (Hmmm... sort of A-Frames meets good Gang of Four meets a machine, with a touch of Liars or Clipd Beaks thrown in)
Demdike Stare "Tryptych" (interesting soundscapes)

The Reader on 2/19

From the Chicago Reader

Once upon a time Chicago trio Frontier were as well-known for their audience-pummeling visuals—smoke machines, blinding lights, slideshow projections—as they were for their epic avant-garde blasts. At the Empty Bottle in September, the three members convened from three different states to play their first show since 2003, doubling as a wedding band of sorts—they were celebrating the nuptials of Mark Ferguson, proprietor of Roscoe Village's Hard Boiled Records & Video. Apparently the reunion stuck, because they're playing again February 19 at the Abbey Pub. Frontier will be supported by an all-star lineup of noisy kin, including postindustrial brutalists Wolf Eyes, ambient solo-synth act Envenomist, and local heavy hitters BLOODYMINDED and Plague Bringer.

Ten Suicides T-shirt Pre-order

Pre-orders for the forthcoming Ten Suicides T-shirt are now available via the BloodShop!


These shirts will ship on or before March 15, 2011

As with previous BloodLust! shirts (Anatomy of Habit, BLOODYMINDED, Intrinsic Action, Nightmares, Super Eight Loop) these are professionally printed black Gildan 100% cotton short-sleeve T-shirts with white printing on the front only. These are classic, full-size T-shirts, in the sense that they runs a bit large, particularly compared to more snug-fitting American Apparel and H&M T-shirts.

Ten Suicides info:

In 2005, Mike Williams [Eyehategod, Outlaw Order, Arson Anthem, The Guilt Of...] contributed guest vocals to the song "Ten Suicides" on the BLOODYMINDED "Gift Givers" CD [B!045].

In 2009, the record label Chrome Peeler released a Mike Williams 7-inch that featured soundscapes created by Ryan McKern [Wolvhammer, The Guilt Of...] under Williams' spoken passages on the A-side, and a new remix of "Ten Suicides" by BLOODYMINDED's Mark Solotroff on the B-side.

That release set the stage for a live collaboration, under the name Ten Suicides, between Williams, McKern, Joey LaCaze [Eyehategod, Outlaw Order], and three members of BLOODYMINDED [James Moy, Isidro Reyes, and Mark Solotroff], who all joined together to perform a special version of the song "Ten Suicides" at the Wicker Park location of Reckless Records in Chicago, on June 20, 2010, during Eyehategod's summer 2010 tour.

An LP featuring a live recording of the Ten Suicides performance is scheduled for release on BloodLust! in 2011.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Status - 2/8

Intense session with The Fortieth Day last night. Bulldozing bass frequencies and multi-distortion MC-202 synth, sans any delay.

Anatomy of Habit plowed through numerous takes of "Radiate and Recede" tonight. It is getting very close.

Test copies of B!136 Mark Solotroff "Archive06" CD + B!137 Mark Solotroff "Archive07" CD have arrived and will be evaluated for quality over the next few days.

- Locrian "The Crystal World" 2xCD is back in stock
- Sun Splitter "II" cassette is in stock
- Pre-orders available for the new Slogun "We Human Animal" CD
- New Wierd titles due in ASAP

Monday, February 07, 2011

Night Vision Monarch!

Here are video clips of Monarch!'s complete Halloween set at The Hideout in Chicago, featuring Kenny Rasmussen from Anatomy of Habit on drums

Angel of Decayed Cheese

Click here to view a nice cooking lesson from our friend Jonathan Canady (Angel of Decay, Dead World, Deathpile, Nightmares, etc.)