Saturday, February 25, 2012

BLOODYMINDED "PHASES : ONE" now available via Bandcamp

New transfer of the long since sold-out cassette.
First time ever available digitally:


Poster for February 25, 2012 show

Arriver "Tsushima" LP release party tonight!

Tonight's Arriver show with Anatomy of Habit and The Swan King marks the official release of their new  "Tsushima" LP on BloodLust!  We hope to see lots of folks at The Hideout in support of the release and the show...  the exception being if you have tickets for Diamanda Galas at the Museum of Contemporary Art... but come out afterwards to catch part of the show and to hear DJs Arman Mabry (Rabid Rabbit) and Trevor De Brauw (Pelican) spin into the wee hours...

B!158 Josh Hydeman "Madison's Fence" LP - Update 5

The Test pressings for Josh's LP have been approved and the records are expected to arrive in approximately two to three weeks.  Final release detail will be posted soon...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Arriver LP Listening Party...Tonight!

Stavros Giannopoulos (of The Atlas Moth) DJ's tonight at Ultra Lounge (2169 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL 60622) at the listening party for the release of the new Arriver "Tsushima" LP on BloodLust!  The event includes drink specials, music and screen-printed poster giveaways!

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Reader on Arriver LP (2/25 preview)

Arriver, Anatomy of Habit, Swan King 

When: Sat., Feb. 25, 9 p.m. 
Price: $10
A vibrant and intellectually restless progressive metal band founded in 2004 by brothers Dan and Rob Sullivan, Arriver specializes in producing what are more or less books in musical form. The local four-piece's debut, the 2006 full-length Vanlandingham and Zone, was practically an epic sci-fi novel, complete with elaborate world building—which was allegedly inspired when a piece of voice-recognition software pulled a creepy ghost-in-the-machine routine and spontaneously generated the core text of that world's mythology. Their follow-up, the 2010 EP Simon Mann, was all about a failed 2004 coup in Equatorial Guinea, led by the British mercenary whose name gives the record its title. And this show is a release party for the amazing new Tsushima (Bloodlust!), a retelling of a 1905 naval battle during the Russo-Japanese war that all but destroyed the Russian fleet, which had been weakened by a voyage around Africa. Arriver seem to acknowledge the courage and perseverance involved in such a battle with their eruptions, interludes, and grand pillars of riffage, but their sonic fury rests on an undercurrent of righteous anger provoked by the tragedy and futility of war. It's a testament to the genius of this band that they can turn a subject you might dismiss as interesting only to military-history nerds and war gamers into something that can grab you by the throat—at least if you can use your head and bang it at the same time. —Monica Kendrick Anatomy of Habit and the Swan King open.