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BloodLust! November 2013 Update

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Chicago Reader on Varnish Festival and BLOODYMINDED

More nice coverage from the Reader, with thanks to Luca!
Varnish brings a huge lineup of weird and obscure acts to Logan Square this weekend

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Imagine this image as music.
Imagine this image as music.
Over the summer, Rotted Tooth Fest hosted twelve weird acts over two nights during Pitchfork. It was an epic feat for Chicago's underground weirdo-rock community, and this weekend it looks like it'll get a run for its money. The festival year closes out this Saturday with Varnish, an event that features almost twice as many acts as Rotted Tooth in half as much time. Varnish kicks off at 3 PM sharp, and features a whopping 19 bands that will perform nonstop late into the night.

The massive lineup includes a handful of bands that appeared at Rotted Tooth (including Oozing Wound and Rectal Hygenics) and a ton of others, both from Chicago and elsewhere. The big draw of the night is a headlining set from Mark Solotroff's power electronics collective Bloodyminded, who are celebrating the release of the truly upsetting and brutal Within the Walls, their first new record in seven years. Also playing is New York noisecore act Raspberry Bulbs, Andy Ortmann's confrontational Panicsville project, local powerviolence band Sea of Shit, synth master Neil Jendon, and industrial noise act Alberich. This, of course, is just a small taste of the many, many acts playing this thing.
It costs $20 at the door, $17 in advance (you can buy tickets at Permanent Records or by contacting Need the exact address? Ask a punk, because I can't publish that info here. Varnish is also all ages, so you can totally bring your kids to see Climax Denial and Lil Tits.
Varnish's full lineup and schedule (which they swear they'll strictly stick to) are after the jump.
Murdered Man: 3-3:15 PM
Plagues: 3:25-3:40 PM
Pazuzu: 3:50-4:05 PM
Plague Mother: 4:15-4:30 PM
Apocalypse Of Death: 4:40-4:55 PM
Sea Of Shit: 5:05-5:20 PM
Neil Jendon: 5:30-5:50 PM
Lil Tits: 6-6:20 PM
Reptile Worship: 6:30-6:50 PM
Forced Into Femininity: 7-7:20 PM
Muck: 7:30-8 PM
Rectal Hygienics: 8-8:25 PM
Deterge: 8:35-8:55 PM
Climax Denial: 9:05-9:30 PM
Oozing Wound: 9:40-10:05 PM
Panicsville: 10:15-10:45 PM
Alberich: 10:55-11:25 PM
Raspberry Bulbs: 11:35 PM-12:15 AM
Bloodyminded: 12:25 AM

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Vomit Metal Blah Review of BLOODYMINDED "Within The Walls"

"Within The Walls" review on Vomit Metal Blah, with thanks to Wade Tilton!

BLOODYMINDED Photos from 11/03/13 Show

Thanks to our friend Carmelo Espanola for the great photos he took of BLOODYMINDED, Inter Arma, Black Tusk and Eyehategod!

Chicago Reader on BLOODYMINDED

Thanks to Gossip Wolf for mentioning our new release!

CVLT Nation Streaming BLOODYMINDED "Outside The Gate"

Thanks to CVLT Nation for streaming a track from the new BLOODYMINDED album!

Noisey/Vice BLOODYMINDED Interview

A big thanks to Jamie Ludwig for taking the time to speak to me at the show on Sunday night, on behalf of Noisey/Vice!  -Mark

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B!176 BLOODYMINDED "Within The Walls" CD


“Within The Walls”

BloodLust! (B!176)

Compact Disc in 8-Panel Digipak

Image of B!176 BLOODYMINDED "Within The Walls" CD

BLOODYMINDED is a heavy electronic band that was formed in New York, in 1995, after the dissolution of the early American industrial noise group Intrinsic Action, founded by Mark Solotroff in 1984. The group’s live shows are extremely energetic, characterized by layers of screeching analog synthesizer, aggressive vocals, and a copious amount of feedback. While BLOODYMINDED operate within the noise scene, their sound is broadly informed by their industrial forbearers, NYC pre-punk and noise rock, and British hardcore and grindcore. BLOODYMINDED has performed with diverse artists covering noise, power-electronics, experimental, avant-garde, death-rock, industrial, hardcore, metal and punk. Although currently based in Chicago, members also live in Brooklyn, New York, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Toulouse, France.

“Within The Walls” is the band’s fifth full-length studio recording and the first to be issued since their 2006 album, “Magnetism.” Numerous false starts led to the band entering the studio with acclaimed doom metal producer, Sanford Parker, to finally commit the new set of songs to tape (no, computer). The album is based on the concept of “love and loss in a time of great sadness,” and it follows themes established by members Isidro Reyes and Mark Solotroff in their offshoot band, The Fortieth Day. Reyes and Solotroff closely collaborated on the lyrics, working in both Spanish and English. Released on LP, CD and digital, this marks the first BLOODYMINDED full-length on vinyl. In addition to basic black, a special edition of 100 copies will be released on white vinyl, with a silk screen print based on the front cover artwork, printed by Erin Page of Kill Hatsumomo Prints.

Along with core members Xavier Laradji, James Moy, Isidro Reyes, Pieter Schoolwerth and Mark Solotroff, select guest musicians were drafted to assist with the album. Longstanding BLOODYMINDED family member, David Reed (Envenomist, Luasa Raelon), who has played live with the band on numerous occasions, was brought in to create an atmospheric opener for the album. He was aided by Blake Edwards (Vertonen), Solotroff’s ex-band mate in Anatomy of Habit and Animal Law. Edwards created a collection of metal-on-metal textures that add to the disquieting feel of “All The Cities Are Occupied.” Along with co-producing, Sanford Parker played lead synthesizer on the album closer, “Inverted Ruins,” a remake of the Locrian song – which Solotroff originally sang on – from that group’s 2010 album, “Territories.” Edwards reprised his dark metallic drones for the uncharacteristically melodic song. What happens in between those two songs is a bombastic, high-fidelity assault of electronic noise, screams, feedback and purgation.

During the long gap between albums, the members of BLOODYMINDED were hardly idle. Laradji stepped up his role as a publisher, releasing increasingly lavish editions of art and negative-culture books under the Timeless banner. Moy established his reputation as a true death-industrial force, with solo work under the charming Anal Hearse moniker. Reyes remained exceptionally busy, performing live and releasing over a dozen full-length albums with The Fortieth Day, and in 2012, he released his first solo work through the esteemed Mexican label, Ruido Horrible. Based in Brooklyn, Schoolwerth continues his successful painting career, and until early 2013, he helmed Wierd Records, releasing numerous acclaimed recordings of minimal-synth, cold wave and challenging electronic music. His weekly parties under the Wierd name brought hundreds of dark music artists to eager, debauched, late-night audiences in NYC. Solotroff worked closely with Reyes in The Fortieth Day and he recorded and toured in the synth trio Nightmares (with David Reed and Jonathan Canady), while also joining the doom band Animal Law and later co-founding the group Anatomy of Habit. He has made guest appearances, live and/or recorded, with Alma Negra, The Atlas Moth, Brutal Truth, Consumer Electronics, Indian, Locrian, Rabid Rabbit, etc. Although his solo microphone-feedback performances have become infrequent, he has also been recording and performing with Thrill Jockey artists Wrekmeister Harmonies, since late-2011. Solotroff continues to oversee the noise, synth and metal label, BloodLust!, which he founded in 1994.

Track Listing:
01. “All The Cities Are Occupied” (9:06)
02. “Within The Walls” (2:16)
03. “Night Strikes” (5:13)
04. “Token 3” (0:58)
05. “Disintegration” (6:26)
06. “Token 4” (0:34)
07. “Fatal Breath” (6:27)
08. “Token 5” (1:18)
09. “Circular Relations” (3:36)
10. “Token 6” (1:06)
11. “Token 7” (0:08)
12. “Outside The Gate” (3:03)
13. “Inverted Ruins” (6:49)

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Let the Press Begin...

From WORT (89.9 FM) Madison, WI, Most Pit Radio:

Within The Walls
Listening to this… So, there’s a lot of noise going on with distortion, feedback and screaming.  All it sounds like is that it’s a broken CD player, corrupt mp3 players, the needle broke, the cassette tape got eaten, the signal doesn’t come in.  WTF!?  No thanks.

BLOODYMINDED "Within The Walls" CD Release Show Tonight with Eyehategod

Tonight is the release show for the new BLOODYMINDED CD "Within The Walls" and the band will be celebrating by playing an undoubtedly memorable event with Eyehategod, Black Tusk and Inter Arma.  It is an early Sunday show, with doors at 8:00 PM and BLOODYMINDED on at 8:30 PM, so don't be late!  The band will be selling their new CD, along with a new run of "Within The Walls" RAT and FLEA T-shirts.